Fan art: Pello (Immortal Nerd)


So, recently I’ve been reading the web comic Immortal Nerd, and I really like it! It’s a light hearted sci-fi comic with great humour and a really adorable cast! My favourite must me Pello, the big softie that hates to shower XD  So yeah, here’s a fan art of the dude! If you think he looks interesting, I urge you to check out the comic as well <3

I’ll be selling comics in Stockholm on Sunday!

Hey people! This Sunday it’s time for “The World’s Longest Book Table” in central Stockholm (Drottninggatan). Stockholm’s Comics Library (Serieteket) is arranging a part of this book table and calls it “Comic Street” (Seriegatan), located close to Kulturhuset, where you will find real bargains on comics from Serieteket, and there will be some comic creators and collectives there as well, selling their awesome stuff.


And as a part of Dotterbolaget, I will sell my (and their) comics together with some other awesome people from Dotterbolaget! I will bring SPEJS and Swedish Comic Sin to the table, so if you haven’t got my comic yet and are visiting Stockholm on Sunday, come by and say hi! :)

So, to summarize:

What: Comics Street – awesome comics for awesome prices!

Where: Drottningatan, Stockholm (close to Kulturhuset)

When: 11-17

No entrance fee! Use your money to support indie comic creators instead :)

See you on Sunday!

Watercolor crystals


Here’s another watercolor painting I’ve done recently, this time with a crystal theme :) I’ve tried to make some studies for crystals and got some really nice tips from my friend Diana while hanging out at her place last week :)

I started doing some pen and paper studies by looking at some illustrations and photos of crystals (a google search on “crystal illustrations” will give you a treasure of images), then I looked at some tutorials for rendering crystals a bit more. Here are some interesting tutorials:

Pikishi (Deviantart)

Jesus Conde (Youtube)

I did this study in watercolours, but I’ll most def do some digital studies when the weather gets a bit colder over here :)



Watercolor galaxy


I tried to experiment a bit previously with making a galaxy in water colours.The scanned result look a bit odd to me, but I really liked the outcome for being my first try at it :)

I followed a few tutorials to make this galaxy and can recommend the these ones:

Tiny Nebula by Tillith (Youtube)

Galaxy Effect Watercolor Tutorial (blog post)

I think these two posts were both very easy to follow and pretty inspiring. A thumb of rule I guess was to not be afraid of working with a very wet canavas, because I got some really interesting patterns going on then :) And as always, practise makes perfect, and I’m definitely going to try and make more galaxies like these :)

Another short comic I did before the vacation


before I went on vacation, I managed to make a short 5-pages comic with these fellows. They’re vegans who accidentaly turned into vampires and their woes with surviving and still being vegans.


Since I drew this during a period when it was really warm, I decided to do this with ink and steel nibs too, like I did with the other comic project i worked on. I pretty much did the same thing as last time, drew some roughs on the train to and from work, scanned them in and added speech bubbles (to me, it feels more important to get their positions right as early as possible since it’s a bit harder to edit stuff around when you work with scanned pages).


After that, I printed the roughs and traced them to another paper with blue pencils (if you scan the pages in Black & White, the blue lines won’t scan!).


When I was done with the blue pencils, I took my pages to my studio with some ink and my steel nibs and did the inking. I think I worked three evenings after work with these, and it was really fun! I pretty much started working with the big lines, let the page dry for a bit, worked some smaller details, let it dry, worked some more etc. I’m still a bit rusty when it comes to ink, so I dipped my hand on not-yet-dried ink more than once, haha XD


Here, I started to get all ready and could scan the pages again.


For some added effect, I used some red color here and there. I thought it turned out pretty nice! A bit different from what I usually do, but it’s nice to experiment a bit and learn how the steel nibs work again :)

The big difference from the previous project was that I used another type of paper for this comic. The nibs worked a LOT better against it and didn’t get stuck in the fibres all the time (and it was a lot thicker, so I could probably do ink wash on that type of paper as well!).

We’ll see where this comic will be published though! I sent it to one anthology, and I’m not sure if they’ll accept it :D If not, maybe I can squeeze it in somewhere else :)


SPEJS #1 is here!

As I mentioned earlier, I had sent the PDF for SPEJS #1 to the printer, and was all anxious how the result would turn out since I used a new printer and put together the PDF with Scribus. Well, a little while ago, I finally got the ‘zines and they look REALLY good!


The cover is super shiny and the colors are very vivid! The cover is printed on 200g silk paper while the insert is printed on 130g silk paper (SPEJS #2’s insert was printed on 90g copy paper, which isn’t as shiny), and I really like the look and feel of it!


This is a page I kind of figured out would be problematic because of lots of vivid greens and such, but I’m pretty comfortable with the result. Sure, there are some hue differences due to CMYK and RGB not working in the same way, but I think both versions look really good in their own ways :)


I really like the cover’s inside with the little Ragna & Gav pattern :) I’ve also made some adjustments from the first printing – I removed some info pages about Aeros and made it into new comic pages instead, and also changed the epilogue a bit – I think it came out a lot better in the end! So yeah, besides from it being in full color now, it also has some additional comic pages :D


The re-print has slightly different dimensions than the old re-print and chapter 2 – while the old books are 148×148 mm, these new babies are slightly bigger, 150×150. It’s a very small difference, so I don’t think it’ll be an eyesore ;)

So yeah, all in all, I’m very happy with this new printer for full color ‘zines, and Scribus did a really good job with putting together the PDF!

If you want to get your hands of a copy of SPEJS, there will be some opportunities for that! I’ll hang out at Dotterbolaget’s table during Seriegatan on August 21st in Stockholm, then I’ll have a table at the Helsinki Comics Festival September 3rd, then there’s Comic Con Stockholm at the beginning of November and Örebro Seriefestival at the end of November :)


SPEJS #1 is done for (re)printing!


So on Friday, I sent the new SPEJS #1 PDF for printing, finally! I’ve spent an awful lot of time hesitating and looking it over 1000 times before sending the PDF to the printers. Are you people like that too, a bit nervous when sending the PDF to the printer?

Another reason I’m a bit nervous is that I’m trying out a new software to put together my PDFs with. I have an old Adobe Bridge license I can only use on my old macbook that worked perfectly for putting together image files into a PDF (I’m very oldskool, I know), but since I’m mostly on my windows computer, I wanted to have a solution on that one too. So I’ve been trying out Scribus. At first I thought it would be a drag to put together a 44 page PDF, but after giving up, trying again and doing some investigation I started to find some really nice settings that made the process a LOT easier!


The program has a pretty easy and straightforward export function as well, and the seems like the PDFs it creates work well – they’re turned into cmyk if that’s what you want, and you can change DPI easily. I had to adjust some stuff though to make it look like I wanted it to though. I made a version in Bridge to compare to – the first Scribus versions came out looking greyish, but eventually I got it to look better. But who knows, maybe the grey versions would’ve worked too, I’m still a bit n00bish when it comes to printing stuff. I asked the printer if my Scribus-created PDF would work and print correctly and they seemed positive, so I guess I have to trust them :)

If this turns out well and the comic comes back looking all kinds of awesome from the printer, I’ll probably ditch Adobe altogether for now (until I actually need to learn InDesign for some reason or other?).


As an added bonus, here’s the backside of the new cover for SPEJS #1! This cover is a bit shinier. I really liked the super simplistic first version I had, but it wasn’t a head-turner, which I hope this version is. I tried to keep to the pink color scheme though :)

What program do you people use to put together your fanzines/books? Is it Adobe InDesign, Scribus, or something completely different? :)

My second summer comic project

Okay, so my second summer comic project is an 8 pages short comic for an anthology. And since summer usually means it’s warm, it also means that the computer room gets boiling hot, so I wanted to draw this comic on paper (meaning I can work on it anywhere, yay!). So first off, I did some thumbnails which I scanned into the computer, adjusted a bit and worked out the layout a bit more…


and then printed out into kinda finalized sketched actually. I also set the text so I knew where to place the balloons etc.


After that, I traced the sketches onto another paper, a bit thicker one. Also, watching Critical Role while doing this ;) I used a blue pencil, but next time I’ll probably go with a regular one.


And after that, I took my traced pencil drawings to the studio and started to ink! Last summer, I got some tips on how to use steel nibs properly. Basically, I had used the wrong kind of ink (acrylic instead of Indian ink), and the process went much more smoothly when you had ink that didn’t dry as fast and clogged up the nib ;) For the first pages, I tried to paint black areas and do the “ink wash” with black water colour, but the result wasn’t that great. For the next pages, I reverted to the acrylic ink and used that for the ink wash – MUCH BETTER. It’s a bummer that I used the water colour on the first two pages, but I hope I can fix it in Clip Studio later. You need to experiment to learn, right? :)


Previously, I have drawn comics with a brush, and I really like the feeling of that, even though stuff sometimes got a bit unpredictable, and you couldn’t draw circles (not me at least). During these days I’ve worked with the steel nibs, I’ve actually come to like them a lot! Sure, the paper I’m working on isn’t optimal for steel nibs as parts of the paper sometimes gets stuck in the nib, but I like the flow and feeling I get from working with them! I feel I get quite a lot of precision and I can vary the line size easilly with just one nib (I’ve only used one nib for the whole comic, haha) I’m not sure I’d be comfortable doing long comics in this format (especially not if I want to have like colored line art or something), but shorter ones, sure! :)

Also, now when I need to crunch comics, I’m really grateful that I have a studio space. It’s close to work, so if I end my day early at work, I can go straight to the studio and sit there for 3-4 hours. It’s quiet (or some music is playing. Which I am fine with), everyone sitting there is concentrating on doing their own thing and doesn’t crave your attention much. Sure, I’m not there that often, but I really appreciate when I can be there and work :)

My comic projects this summer

I haven’t said what I am up to lately, but here’s a small update of that :) I’m actually having two project going in parallell this summer, and today I will talk about one of them :)

As you might know, the first volume of my Sci-fi comic SPEJS (also available online!) sold out during the last SIS, and I need to make a re-print for the upcoming comic conventions (Helsinki, Comic Con Stockholm and Örebro Seriefestival). So what I’ve been doing lately is to do some touch ups on the colored version, which I did last November I think? But I’ve laerned a lot the past six months and decided to do some adjustments before sending it to the printer, and I think it’s all for the better:


New version is on the right side. I think it will look quite nifty!

(I’m promising myself though that this will be the last touch-up to this chapter, no infinite re-drawing loops for SPEJS!)

I have a few pages left to fix before I dare to send it to the printer, but the goal is to have it sent early July!

I will talk a bit about my other project tomorrow!

Cockblock Kitties guest art


I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before, but I actually did some guest art for Memokeen’s printed version of her slapstick BL-comic Cockblock Kitties (which you also can read online)! I really liked the premise of the comics, two guys trying to have sex but always gets interrupted by cats, and the designs of the main characters are just awesome!

Magic faun


Another forest creature/faun I drew on my way to work. This brown paper is my new favourite thing when it comes to use colored pencils (And I have a LOT of colored pencils, I bought a 72 piece set from Derwent when I was 17! That’s a 100 years ago!), the colors melt so well on this paper! So I brought a green and pink pencil in my pencil case and did some esperimentation. I really liked the effect that these two colours gave the illustration – sometimes less is more :)

Cat warrior


A little cat warrior I drew a while ago on the train. I think I wanted to try and make some more dynamic pose. As for the inking, I’ve fallen in love with the brush pen I bought earlier. It’s just a cheap Pilot Pocket Brush Pen (the hard one), but it fits me like a glove. Sure it’s not water resistant, but it works fine to use on the metro :)

Oslo Comics Expo 2016


So, last weekend, me and the boyfriend went on a five hour train trip to Oslo. One of my goals was to check out the Oslo Comics Expo, but also to check out Oslo in general an have a mini vacation :) We had booked a room at First Hotels Grims Grenka, a super design-y hotel, but the room price was cheap, so it was all good :) Very nice staff, good service & WiFi and all in all a pleasant hotel stay.


We did some touristy stuff like following Havnepromenaden from Aker Brygge to the Opera house, took a photo with the tiger at the central station and visited the Comics Library (where the festival later would take place). The comics library is suuuuper cozy, located in the top floor of the Grünerløkka library. It had like small walk-in-closets dedicated to different genres, like manga or Disney for instance, and it was so nice and quiet there during the middle of the day when we visited. We also visited Outland, the Norwegian version of Science Fiction book store, which was a huge nerdfest, and I really appreciated that the store was so big and airy, and had a LOT of comics and books! And all in all, Oslo is a really nice city that mixes old architecture with really cool and spacey new buildings. They also love their Tesla (and other electrical) cars! But everything is super expensive, especially eating out XD


Later on Friday, we went to the opening of Oslo Comics Expo. They opened with a little children’s orchestra playing some songs (cute!) and presenting the guests, and after that, there was some mingling and looking at an exhibition while waiting for the market to open. The market is VERY small, I’d say smaller than the main tent at Helsinki Comics Festival, and in Oslo, this small tent housed both small press and bigger publishers, as well as some comics shops. It was a really cozy little festival, but I am still wondering…if I didn’t know that there was a comics festival in Oslo that weekend, would I have known? I saw absolutely nothing about Oslo Comics Expo in central Oslo, and as I tried to find to the Grünerløkka library, I didn’t see any signs pointing there or anything. I’d love to see more advertising about this, and maybe some helpful hints on how to get there (especially on the festival’s site, would it have hurt to put up an actual adress to the library for us non-Norwegians? ;)). But that’s my only complaint about the festival, the rest of the festival was a really nice experience. Everyone that was tabeling that I dared to talk to were super friendly and told me all I needed to know about the comics they were selling, which was nice :)


Since Norwegian and Swedish is pretty much alike I bought a few comics in Norwegian. I haven’t read them all yet, but I really enjoyed Ninjaduck by Bård Lilleøien, it was the right amount of sillyness and violence and I laughed out loud at a lot of stuff. Well worth the buy!

über is a series of anthologieswith different themes. I bought the fantasy edition and really liked the variety of comics!

I talked a bit with the creators of the web comic HELL(P), which were very friendly! I bought a prequel-story, drawn by a bunch of different artists, and it was a really nice introduction to their comic, and I will most definitely read more of it!

Joan Cornellà was one of the guests during the festival, and while I was visiting the tent I noticed that he was going to sign, so I took the chance and got one of his books, signed and all :) I’ve only seen his stuff on facebook for a shorter time, so I’m not a long-time fan or anything, but I thought it’d be nice to support his work since I really like it :)


And look at this epic little signature :D

But yeah, all in all, a really nice festival, I’d most definitely visit it again!

Now I’ll probably not visit any festivals until September – I need to prepare some comics for some anthologies and do a re-print of SPEJS #2…;)

Grumpy forest guy


Had some fun drawing this grumpy dude on my way to work. Is he a faun? Or a demon? I have no clue! Some type of forest and crystals kind of guy anyways. Mostly sketched with a pencil and then inked with a 0.3 fineliner in my brown sketchbook. I might transfer this little fella to the computer or some water colour paper and try to do a more finished piece, that’d be cool :)