Jenny at Helsinki Comics Festival 2015!


So, this weekend is the 30th Helsinki Comics Festival, and I’ll be there for the first time and sell my comics! What an awesome year to have my debut :D

I am not yet sure where I will sit, but most likely I’ll end up in a Small press Heaven tent. I am also categorized as an international exhibitor, so I don’t know if I get placed in a special tent, but yeah! I’ll bring very pink books and have a teal table clothing, you probably can’t miss it :)

This is bascially my description for me and my table:

Swedish indie comic artist who likes fun adventures with awesome girls and handsome boys! I’ll bring my Sci Fi-adventure SPEJS and Swedish ComicSin 5 for you all to enjoy!

And here are some sneek peaks on the books I will have on display:



I will also bring a few small prints and such. Hope I will see you in Helsinki this weekend :)