Helsinki Comics Festival 2015 – the aftermath

So, as you might’ve guessed, I was at Helsinki Comics Festival last weekend ;) I had a table at the Small press heaven on Saturday and Sunday and managed to get a seat next to Stina Lövkvist and Tomas Antila. Yay, team Stockholm! :D


This is how the table looked like the first day. I had too little stuff for the table, haha ;) The pitch stand-up thingies were a good idea in theory, but since we were outside (and it was a bit windy), I had to give up the initial idea and just lay them down and have the books on top of ’em. I also had one of the more colorful table cloths in the tent since I missed the PM that they should be black ;D I was also really grateful that the people working at the festival offered us sunscreen- at the end of the day, I got all the sunlight in helsinki on my right arm, but thanks to SPF50, it didn’t get burnt ;)


This is what my table looked like on day 2! I squeezed together my stuff a bit more in hopes to make people look more, but eh, I am not sure if it worked ^^;

All in all, I didn’t sell that well, but I think that’s expected if it’s you first time on a event like this in a wole new market, so to speak. At least some people bought Swedish Comic Sin, and a lot of people seemed to like my Bioware fan art stuff :) I also sold out on my Aranya-face pins, which was unexpected :D

Will I go to Helsinki’s Comic Festival again? Probably! If not as an exhibitor, at least as a visitor. The festival seemed very nice and had a lot of interesting guests! And I managed to get myself a small comic loot from the other Small Press Heaven exhibitors:


This is what I gathered during my loot:

Anni Keränen – I bought a postcard and took a visit card. i want to check out her BL comic Transfusions!

George The Knight VS Zombies – the guys selling this had me at “ridiculous”. I love ridiculous stuff! I hope it’s as awesome as Viktor Jäderlund’s Abe Z :D

Uni Keko by Tua Musakka

Otus Opus by Myrntai – wow, I really liked her art style! And so many cute owls!

Kuki by Laura Heikkala – another awesome artist with a great style! I was a complete douche and had to ask what “Kuki” meant (since “Kuk” means a whole other thing in Swedish…), and it means “to blossom”. The book is a super beatiful concept though, it has seeds for a few different flowers, and each spread has beautiful flower illustrations and instructions on how to make these flower seeds grow. Such an awesome concept! <3

Goldenbird 3-4 by Ainur Elmgren – I love Ainur’s comic, and I wanted to complete my Goldenbird collection for now :) If you haven’t read her comic yet, you totally should, it has about everything that is awesome!

Gore -Honour & Brains by Miisa Lopperi

Feral Gentry by Anayte & Matti Delahay – these people sat almost next to me and I am so glad I talked to them and were a little awkward (as I always am), because I really thought their comic looked awesome and had a theme and character design I’d enjoy! I look forward to reading this comic!

Hirsute Hazard & Halloween Birthday – Myla was the one selling these comics and was also sitting in the same tent as me. The Hirsute hazard comic was a co-lab while Halloween birthday was her own comic. She is drawing in a really cute style and I look forward to read the comics :)

Thunderbolt by Teemu Närvä and various artists – these comics were, as i understood, sponsored by the Vaasa Energy Institute, and thanks to that, I could also grab ’em for free :) Finnish superhero comics, why not? :D

Läget i December by Seriekollektivet Ritualen – yeah, I know, it’s weird to go to Finland to buy comics from a Swedish comics cooperative, right? ;) But I’ve been a bit interested in their stuff, and now I had a chance to chat a bit with them and get one of their collections of diary comics! I really liked the packaging on this, it’s like a box with a couple of ‘zines in it, so nice!

Stupid Comics by Broci – I really liked this artist’s stuff and I also really like stupid comics, so I went for her tiny ‘zine with the same name, and a post card :D

And yeah, that was my comic haul for this year’s Helsinki Comics Festival! Even though I didn’t sell much, it gave me some inspiration to get me working this fall!

Did you attend the festival and what did you buy?