Inktober #15 & #16 – Spooktacular Gav and Ragna



Of course I had to spookify Gav and Ragna as well to match my previous post with Swagata and Morwen! Of course Gav can’t look spooky to save his life, even though I added some blood and everything XD Ragna on the other hand, wouldn’t like to meet that in the forest =P

And this concludes my Inktober! It has been a blast even though I got sick and hurt my shoulder (both was probably not because of Inktober), and I managed to meet my goal and make one every second day, whee :D

This weekend, me and the mega awesome Anna Landin will share a table at Stockholm Comic Con over at Friends Arena! If you plan to go, please come and visit! I’ll post more about my participation tomorrow :)