Inktober #6 – Ragna’s douchy brother

ragnasDouchebroI got some feeling and decided to draw more people from Ragna’s family since I’ve fleshed out hers the most in my mind this far. She actually have two younger brothers, twins, but with their dna leaning towards human or seri differ a lot. This is Ragna’s more seri-looking brother, he’s quite the military guy, climbing the ranks and is often seen as Atla’s heir on the military career throne-thingy ;P He’s also sporting a lot of self confidence, loves to brag and to tease Ragna, even though it’s usually not ill-meant. But he has this attitude and Ragna totally hates it, and they usually end up giving each other black eyes whenever they meet at family gatherings =P
Done with fine liners and acrylic ink!