Jenny at Comic Con Stockholm


Hey people, this weekend is Comic Con Gamex at Friends Arena in Stockholm! There will be an Artist Alley near the entrance and yes, I will be there and share a table with the totally awesome Anna Landin! We will both sell awesome comics with grumpy protagonists, prints, charms and whatnot :)


As you can see, the Artist Alley is close to the entrance, near Webbhallen and Bandai Namco. We’ll sit in the corner close to Webbhallen and one of the entrances. You can’t miss it :) Next to our table you’ll also find the awesome artist Jenni Luna Söderlund, and you should most def. check her stuff out too!


For everyone who hasn’t got my comics yet, here’s your chance! SPEJS (my awesome Lattjolajban-sci-fi-urban-fantasy-kickass-girl-comic) is 40 SEK, Swedish Comic Sin 5 is 100 SEK. Buy both for 120 SEK :)


New at my table will be charms and ear rings! Small charms are 30 SEK, big are 50SEK. Small ear rings are 70 SEK for one pair, big ear rings are 110 SEK for one pair :)


I will have a bunch of new mini prints/post cards for sale! They are 20 SEK each :)


And finally stickers!I have a bunch of new ones of these and they’re 10 SEK each :)

Hope to see you there! Please come by and say hi to us :D