Stockholm Comic Con – the aftermath!


During the Halloween weekend, me and Anna Landin shared a table at Stockholm Comic Con, with the wonderful Jenni Luna Söderlund next to us! Anna was promoting her comic Grassblades and sold out her awesome comic Fathoms of the Sky (so glad I already bought one before it sold out!!!) and I was selling my sci-fi-lattjolajban-comic SPEJS and Swedish Comic Sin together with a lot of mini prints/post cards, charms and other fun stuff :)

Since I didn’t sell well in Helsinki, I didn’t expect much! I tried to take some selling lessons from Yvette, but I have a long way to go. For my personality type, it’s always easier to promote other’s stuff :D I’m glad that Jenni directed some of her customers to my comic though, I owe her so much for that <3 I am also very grateful that some twitter friends (and IRL friends!) dropped by and bought stuff from me, and I really hope they enjoy my stuff :) I was really touched to see the ever so stylish Sanna frame my Solas print! So yeah, THANK YOU all who showed up and bought stuff, or just stopped by and liked what you saw, talked some Bioware/Dragon Age with me (especially you who understood my Cassandra/Varric shipping! <3 And the awesome girls with super nice Garrus tattoos!), I love to speak with fellow Bioware fans :) And I was so happy to see so many kids who watched (and liked) Steven Universe, both boys and girls :D


And what is a Comic Con without awesome cosplays?!? I loved the fact that there were so many vault dwellers, especially when they had a meetup and took a photo next to the Fallout mascot (sorry, I don’t know enough about the Fallout games to know the right terms XD). My friends Anders and Sanna made both super fab Fallout cosplays! I also spotted two sets of the tenth doctor and Donna (one with the wedding gown and the right attitude), a super awesome Lumpy Space Princess that went “whateverrr” when I complimented her (loved it!), a LOVELY Steveonnie, a pretty badass Vincent Valentine and a super cheerful Captain America amongst others :)

All in all, I had a pretty awesome time, andd even though I didn’t sell as well as on SIS, the atmosphere was pretty damn good, I really liked Friends Arena for this kind of event (not too hot and there was actually air in the Artist Alley the whole day), they had put the Artist Alley in a very good spot on the con floor, and yeah, thumbs up to the Comic Con people!


I didn’t have much time to run around at Comic Con, but I managed to speak with some people in the Artist Alley! Behind me and Jenni was Mims and Maaria from Finland. They were both really nice and it’s really great to broaden your horizons and find fun, friendly and talented people outside your geographical zone :) Mims made the super cute print with Steven and the chrystal gems and also those adorable originals with freya and Sokka <3 Maaria made the prints with Adult Steven (I have actually swooned over that on tumblr before, so I was so happy to tell her IRL that I really loved that artwork!), and also that Utena print, together with the web comic Phantomland :)

There were some really talented artists who did amazing paintings in Artist Alley as well! Two of them were Henrik Rosenborg and Staffan Alsparr which I bought some prints from!

I finally dared to speak with Sajan Rai, which I saw at Helsinki Comic Con drawing sloth portraits! I have only called him “the sloth guy” before, so it was fun to actually say hi and get one of his comics! It was mostly Childish Butt-vomit, but if you like ridiculous stuff (like I do), you should take a peek! :D

I also bought some stuff from my lovely neigbours, Jenni and Anna, and I wish i had bought more! But at least I got myself Jenni’s awesome Amethyst sticker and one of Anna’s gorgeous prints! I also got an awesome drawing of Fawn and Qui Ra’d since I doodled in her doodlebook <3 So awesome!!!

I also decided to support manga translated to swedish and bought all available volumes of Rans Magiska Värld from Ordbilder Media :)


Oh, and these ear rings? They look like green tentacle from maniac mansion/day of the tentacle, and they ROCK! I got them from Smallblacksticky!

So yeah, not a large haul, but now I need to get myself some more frames at least XD We had a few walls that looked so naked, so why not? ;)

Dod you go to Comic Con Stockholm? What were your impressions?