GothCon XL and Stockholm’s International Comics Festival 2016

So hey, last year I exhibited at three conventions (Stockholm’s International Comic Festival, Helsinki Comics Festival and Comic Con Stockholm), and I really want to exhibit at at least three this year as well, and preferably a few more conventions outside of Stockholm.


The first convention I’ll exhibit in this year will be GothCon XL during the Easter weekend (March 25th-27th) in Gothenburg, Sweden. GothCon is more of a board game and role playing game convention, celebrating it’s 40th convention this year, but they’ll have an Artist Alley where you will find me! :) I will sell SPEJS #1, Swedish Comic Sin and other art by me!


And May 7th-8th, it’s finally Stockholm’s International Comics Festival again! This year’s poster is made by Kim W Andersson and the themes for this year’s festival are realism and sci-fi! The tables for the festival was booked up within 40 minutes of their release, which is super crazy! Last year I had a table all by myself, but this year I’ll share it with the super awesome Sara Berntsson! By this time I’ll most likely had the time to print the second SPEJS book too, so look forward to that! :)

I’ll probably talk more about these festivals as they come closer, but I just wanted to quickly announce my presence at these two festivals to begin with :)

Which conventions are you going to exhibit at this spring? What conventions are you looking forward to this year? :)