Serier för Klimatet – comics for the climate


Oh, look people, I’m in a book! :D Last year, the awesome Malin Svedjeholm asked a lot of comic artists if they wanted to make/donate comics for an anthology about the environment/climate that’d make people more aware of the climate meet in Paris. The actual book wasn’t printed before January, but there has been a blog up at Serier För Klimatet with all the comics available, and thanks to Malin and a lot of the other comic artists, we’ve managed to spread the word through various papers around Sweden (even I got a spot at the very local paper in Vällingby!)


The book looks really nice and is quite big (a bit bigger than A4, I think?) – I’ve never seen my comics printed in a format this big, which is pretty neat!So far, the book has gotten a pretty nice review at the blog Simon Säger. Thanks for the nice words, especially about my comic since I was a bit concious about not being political enough XD

You can buy it at Bokus and Adlibris for quite a reasonable price considering it’s mostly in color. And you’re supporting the climate by buying it since anything the book earns will go to Klimataktion!

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