My birthday and gift art!

So March seems to treat me well this year. I got super sick on the 1st and had fever for about two days, and two days of sinuses acting up like they do when you have the flu. So yeah I sort of missed my own birthday (and I was planning on having a birthday fika as well!) XD So while I woke up on Saturday, feeling a bit miserable because I was feeling crappy and the fika was canceled, I recieved a lot of love online! I really like that aspect of the web, even though you can’t see each other IRL, you can always message your friend on facebook, twitter or whatnot and tell them that you care <3

And! I actually got some gift art, I feel so spoiled <3


Super awesome Karrey, creator of the equally super awesome comic The Din (if you haven’t read it already, you totally should, it’s super gorgeous and every new page is worth the wait!), sent me this art of Simon, Aranya and Sanna from my older comic Shit Spider. I really like how these characters come out in Karin’s style, they look totally awesome <3


This piece of Ragna and Gav (and a cat? or is it..? :O) I got from the fantastic Stef Gaines! I might’ve squealed a bit when I saw this (it pretty much have everything I like at the moment) and I really really like how she drew Ragna, she looks perfect and very Ragna-like <3 Stef is a comic artist that just went full freelance, so check out her portfolio page and tumblr for more awesome stuff!


Anna Landin drew this awesome sparkly ‘n flexing Gav (which may be my new lock screen now) and I kinda screamed when I saw it, because Anna just caught Gav perfectly <3 If you haven’t seen Anna’s work before, you’re in for a treat, she has an art tumblr AND a web comic called Grassblades, which both are very much worth checking out!


So thanks girls for making my crummy birthday (because who likes being sick on their birthday?) a LOT better! <3 I’m almost healed now, but I think I caught some food poisoning yesterday that’s still acting up, so I’m home today as well. I really hope the rest of March will be better health-wise ^^;