Angry alien girl


Even though I’m all done and have printed the next SPEJS chapter, I’ve started to muse on the next chapter! A “short story” I planned to include in the second book got scrapped (because of time) which is great, because I’m going to remake the script a bit and make it the proper third SPEJS chapter instead. This angry alien lady will probably join in and make life hard for team SPEJS ;)

Regarding the weapons in SPEJS, I am not an expert on guns of any kinds. I’ve tried to make some research on how to hold guns, their anatomy etc, but not more than that. Also, most of my inspo for the guns in SPEJS are classic cartoony ray guns and Kenny Starfighter’s hairminator:kenny01 kenny02

I love that kind of whimsical stuff :)

I will make a post this week about the second chapter of SPEJS, because it looks super nice! :)

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