Gothcon XL – the aftermath

So, I’ve finally found the time to write up my Gothcon XL post! :) One week ago, I was visiting Gothenburg, having no idea what I’d put myself through. It has ben years since I last traveled by train, and SJ in particular, mainly because previous experiences have been bad with downgraded seats, horrible personel etc, so I was a bit nervous about that too! But the train rides went well, I found my hotel when arriving to Gothenburg, and those parts were awesome.


Just lookit the cozy hotel interior!

Gothcon itself was located at Hvidtfeldska Gymnasiet, a big school, and was divided into several house buildings. The Artist Alley was seated in the building where you had the majority of the shops and stores of different kinds, which makes sense. The only weird thing in my opinion was that there were two artist alleys, one located in a room, just like some shops, and one alley (the one I sat in) was located in a corridor, but on another floor. Of what I understood, they had to place some of us in a corridor because they were running out of space, which is fine for me (the air felt much better in the corridor than in those rooms anyways), but I was wondering if we couldn’t have been placed at the same floor as the rest of the shops. Sure, we were at the same  floor as the smaller café and some game publishers, but we were so far apart that it felt like we were almost forgotten ^^; Maybe for next year, we could bring some large posters to put up, announcing there’s more of the artist alley at another floor, or maybe have us at the same floor, but still in the corridor? Maybe we couldn’t be on that floor for safety reasons though, I’m not sure :)

On the other hand, this is not a comic-themed con, and despite that, I sold more comics and stuff in general than at Helsinki Comics Festival, so that’s something ;)


I pretty much had the same setup as on Stockholm Comic Con, with some adjustments in pricing (and I had necklaces this time around!). I filled up my 140cm table quite well,and I really had to re-think how to present stuff for SIS when I’ll be sharing a table, haha :D

But yeah, the con was a pretty nice experience! I had a pretty rough week before I went to Gothenhurg, and it came back to me for a bit, but other than that, I think Gothcon was well worth the visit! I got to meet Yvette, Agnes, Monika and Mims, whom I don’t see very often, and that’s always a treat! and I’d love to come back to Gothcon’s Artist Alley another year :)


And of course, I had to buy some comics from the other Artist Alley people!

Roll real Dice by Viktor Engholm – a cute story about the joys of role playing.

Zak & Ting – Orienterarna by Yvette – I really like the dynamic between Zak & Ting, and even though I don’t care much for orienteering, this is a really cute story with a super-cute ending, aww <3

Monika’s Inkbook – made during last year’s Inktober. Everything looks so nice in this little inkbook, I love it!

Tavarsia – a print version of a web comic by Charlotte Sandmael. As I am super bad at reading web comics, it’s a lot easier for me to pick up on a comic if there’s a printed version of it, and welp, these two volumes got me hooked! I really like the setting, the characters and the use of pronouns in this comic, everything is right up my alley! I’m probably super late to the party, but yeah I’m definitely going to read up on the rest online! :)


I also got myself some art :)

A super nice flexing Iron Bull by Viktor (I feel sorry for my boyfriend, all these images of flexing dudes, ahaha XD)

A super cute otter by Ida Öhnell

A super nice print by Lina that I really liked when I saw on her Instagram…and I’m so glad she made a print of it. Instant-buy! <3


I also bought this nice bow-tie from my Artist Alley neighbour. I’m not sure if she had an online store or something for these, but they were so cute! I need to get myself more shirts so I can wear it <3

My other Artist Alley-neighbour Olivia made some cool necklaces, and I had to buy two. Also, a little Discord pin, because you can’t have enough Discord ;)

Finally, I bought some sparkly stickers and a cute print from Mims! It’s the main characters from her comic Cockblock Kitties, which I’d recommend anyone to read who likes BL, cats and slapstick!

And yeah, that’s my haul from Gothcon! Next up is Stockholm’s International Comics Festical for me! I just need to get the new comics from the printer and I’m all set! :D