The latest prints

I managed to make two new prints for SIS, and I’m really happy with how they turned out. They have a bit of a shojo-like estetique, but still keeps the SPEJS and sci-fi-feeling, so glad it turned out how I wanted them to!


I actually drew Ragna like two months ago and thought “hey, it’d be cool to add Gav, and maybe amke an image with Swagata and Morwen too”. So last week, I drew Gav and made an actual picture of this :D


Swagata and Morwen I drew last week while in Barcelona, to get the concept and poses right. I think they turned out pretty damn fab! :)


So this week, I placed an order for prints at Kista Snabbtryck, they printed ’em up so quick (I could pick ’em up the next day), they were cheap and the quality is super nice! It’s always hard to photograph semi-glossy stuff with a crappy phone camera with only indoor lights, but believe me, the colours turned out so vivid, and they look freakin’ awesome! Can’t wait to show (and sell) ’em at Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival next week :)