SIS 2016, this Saturday-Sunday!


Hear ye, hear ye! This weekend is Stockholm International Comics Festival at Kulturhuset! This year’s theme is Sci-Fi and realism, and it’s going to be quite awesome! So if you’re in Stockholm this weekend, I urge you to go to Kulturhuset, there’s no entrance fee to get inside the festival and take part of all the awesomeness!

As always, there’s a small press expo at Floor 3 (you have to take a few escalators up), and it’s packed with so much talent and awesome indie comics, don’t miss it out!


For instance, I and Sara Berntsson will share a table quite close to the entrance, so make sure you come by and say hi! Sara will sell her awesome new ‘zine while I will bring my SPEJS ‘zines to the table :D We’ll also have a bunch of Swedish Comic Sin for you awesome people thirsting for some erotica ;)


I tested out how my part of the table could look like, and it will probably look more or less like this :) As you see, a lot of awesome stuff everywhere, don’t miss it out! :)

I’d also like to recommend two other tables if you’d like to get hold of more comics I’ve made! First off, go and get Home Made Comics #16! I have made a comic that’s only available in that anthology, and it’s PACKED with other awesome comics, so I urge you to go and have a look at their table:

Här hittar du #homemadecomics under #SIS!

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Also, Dotterbolaget have three tables in Hörsalen as well, and Dotterbolaget Stockholm’s made a ‘zine about being alone where I have contributed with two pages, check it out! :)


If you want a full map with all the exhibitors, you can find it here!

And here’s a schedule with everything that’ll happend during the weekend! Such excite!

So, remember:

  • This weekend
  • Stockholm International Comics Festival
  • Kulturhuset in Stockholm
  • No entrance fee
  • Awesome comics
  • Come to table F21 :D