SIS16 – the report


This report is a bit late, but I had to get ahead on school work, got some con crud and has just been tired the past two weeks, but better late than never, eh? ;) But yeah, me and Sara shared a table at Stockholms International Comics Festival, and it felt really good to have a table buddy so you could make errands without closing the whole shop, and also the price for the actual table went down a notch, which was an added bonus :) We also had our table next to Jenni and Nathalie who were both friendly and fun table neighbours :)


This is how my half of the table looked like on Sunday! Please notice that SPEJS #1 got sold out! ;) Pretty compact, but containing both comics, prints and jewelry! And also some pony-fied versions of Swagata and Morwen, which got some attention, yay! I’ll probably add a blog post about them later on, it’s been sitting in my drafts for a while.

As always with SIS, it’s like a reunion party for Swedish comic artists, and it’s really hard to do everything as a small press comic artist – sit by your table and sell, meet people you seldom meet and check out all the great seminars during the event! Sometimes I wish there was one more day of SIS without the market, but with more seminars and such, and maybe reprise some of those during the market days..? Time flies by so fast, and at 4PM on Sunday you realize it’s only one more hour left and you haven’t done all you wanted to do yet ^^; Oh wells! But all in all, I must say that I really liked the arrangement of this year’s SIS, the areas seemed more roomy, the shedule was packed with awesome stuff and I had a really great time! Kudos to Kulturhuset!

This year though, sales seemed to be extremely slow for me on Sunday, so I left the table a few times to get a book signed and to walk around the expo. I actually brought a bunch of SPEJS #2 with me and did some ‘zine trading, which proved to be quite successful! I really like that ‘zine trading is an actual thing on SIS, and most people seem okay with it :)

But yeah, some stats for me this year:

  • SPEJS #1 sold out! Yay, I need to do some re-printing!
  • Counting the amount of sold/traded SPEJS #1 and SPEJS #2 books, 49 books got new homes! It actually makes me very happy that SPEJS could interest so many people, and that they liked part 1 enough to buy part 2 <3
  • My sketch book didn’t sell that well at all..! ^^; Oh well, it was worth a try! Maybe it’ll do better at other conventions. I’d like to do more sketch books though, but maybe with more decided themes. We’ll see though, I need to sell more of this sketchbook before I can justify printing more, I think :D
  • Same with prints, last year I sold a lot of prints, but this year basically none. A bit of a bummer too, but I guess I’ll get them sold eventually :)
  • …and same with my poor poor glow-in-the-dark-charms XD Oh well!
  • My magic potion/bottle necklaces on the other hand sold really well, hehe :D

But all in all, I’m really glad that my comics were the best selling item on my table, so thank you all for buying and telling me, both in person and on twitter/social media, that you enjoyed them, it means a lot! <3

On Wednesday I’ll talk a bit more of the comics I bought this year!