Convention season has just started for me

Hey people! I’ve been a bit cramped with school work this week (final assignment yo!), so I haven’t had time to blog during my free time. But I’ve managed to sign myself up to yet another comic convention! :D

So last year, I visited Stockholm’s International Comics Festival, Helsinki Comics Festival and Stockholm Comic Con. My goal for this year was to table at at least three conventions as well. This far I’ve been tabling at Gothcon during easter and Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival. I still have a few more to attend, let’s check them out:


First up is Oslo Comics Expo. Due to some trouble with my mails getting stuck in their spam filter (Swedish is apparantly a spam language in Norway, lol!) I didn’t get a table at first, and when I got one I had already booked my trip in a way that I couldn’t have a table. So yeah, I’ll only visit this, no tabling :) But I’ll be fun to examine how this festival looks like!


Helsinki Comics Festival is next one up! I was here last year and had no idea what I was doing and didn’t sell much, but this year I’ll be tabling together with Karrey and Agz, and I’ll only be tabling at Saturday, so the Sunday will be free to explore the festival and Helsinki :)


I wasn’t really planning on doing Stockholm Comic Con this year again, but I talked a bit with Memokeen, creator of Cockblock Kitties, and we decided to share a table, so here I am doing this spectacle again :D See you in Kista?


And finally, there’s a new Swedish comic festival in town and it’s located in Örebro! Tables are super cheap, Örebro isn’t too far from Stockholm, and yeah, why not? :D See you in Örebro by the end of November then?

I know that there are a few more bigger festivals I could attend, like AltCom and Närcon (both during the same weekend at the end of July), but I’ll probably not attend any of those this year.

So yeah, that’s the rest of my convention year. How does your convention plans look like?

Pro tip: If you’re Swedish, I’d like to recommend both Underlandet that lists a lot of comic conventions in Sweden and around the world. is also a good source to find some smaller conventions!