My second summer comic project

Okay, so my second summer comic project is an 8 pages short comic for an anthology. And since summer usually means it’s warm, it also means that the computer room gets boiling hot, so I wanted to draw this comic on paper (meaning I can work on it anywhere, yay!). So first off, I did some thumbnails which I scanned into the computer, adjusted a bit and worked out the layout a bit more…


and then printed out into kinda finalized sketched actually. I also set the text so I knew where to place the balloons etc.


After that, I traced the sketches onto another paper, a bit thicker one. Also, watching Critical Role while doing this ;) I used a blue pencil, but next time I’ll probably go with a regular one.


And after that, I took my traced pencil drawings to the studio and started to ink! Last summer, I got some tips on how to use steel nibs properly. Basically, I had used the wrong kind of ink (acrylic instead of Indian ink), and the process went much more smoothly when you had ink that didn’t dry as fast and clogged up the nib ;) For the first pages, I tried to paint black areas and do the “ink wash” with black water colour, but the result wasn’t that great. For the next pages, I reverted to the acrylic ink and used that for the ink wash – MUCH BETTER. It’s a bummer that I used the water colour on the first two pages, but I hope I can fix it in Clip Studio later. You need to experiment to learn, right? :)


Previously, I have drawn comics with a brush, and I really like the feeling of that, even though stuff sometimes got a bit unpredictable, and you couldn’t draw circles (not me at least). During these days I’ve worked with the steel nibs, I’ve actually come to like them a lot! Sure, the paper I’m working on isn’t optimal for steel nibs as parts of the paper sometimes gets stuck in the nib, but I like the flow and feeling I get from working with them! I feel I get quite a lot of precision and I can vary the line size easilly with just one nib (I’ve only used one nib for the whole comic, haha) I’m not sure I’d be comfortable doing long comics in this format (especially not if I want to have like colored line art or something), but shorter ones, sure! :)

Also, now when I need to crunch comics, I’m really grateful that I have a studio space. It’s close to work, so if I end my day early at work, I can go straight to the studio and sit there for 3-4 hours. It’s quiet (or some music is playing. Which I am fine with), everyone sitting there is concentrating on doing their own thing and doesn’t crave your attention much. Sure, I’m not there that often, but I really appreciate when I can be there and work :)