Oslo Comics Expo 2016


So, last weekend, me and the boyfriend went on a five hour train trip to Oslo. One of my goals was to check out the Oslo Comics Expo, but also to check out Oslo in general an have a mini vacation :) We had booked a room at First Hotels Grims Grenka, a super design-y hotel, but the room price was cheap, so it was all good :) Very nice staff, good service & WiFi and all in all a pleasant hotel stay.


We did some touristy stuff like following Havnepromenaden from Aker Brygge to the Opera house, took a photo with the tiger at the central station and visited the Comics Library (where the festival later would take place). The comics library is suuuuper cozy, located in the top floor of the Grünerløkka library. It had like small walk-in-closets dedicated to different genres, like manga or Disney for instance, and it was so nice and quiet there during the middle of the day when we visited. We also visited Outland, the Norwegian version of Science Fiction book store, which was a huge nerdfest, and I really appreciated that the store was so big and airy, and had a LOT of comics and books! And all in all, Oslo is a really nice city that mixes old architecture with really cool and spacey new buildings. They also love their Tesla (and other electrical) cars! But everything is super expensive, especially eating out XD


Later on Friday, we went to the opening of Oslo Comics Expo. They opened with a little children’s orchestra playing some songs (cute!) and presenting the guests, and after that, there was some mingling and looking at an exhibition while waiting for the market to open. The market is VERY small, I’d say smaller than the main tent at Helsinki Comics Festival, and in Oslo, this small tent housed both small press and bigger publishers, as well as some comics shops. It was a really cozy little festival, but I am still wondering…if I didn’t know that there was a comics festival in Oslo that weekend, would I have known? I saw absolutely nothing about Oslo Comics Expo in central Oslo, and as I tried to find to the Grünerløkka library, I didn’t see any signs pointing there or anything. I’d love to see more advertising about this, and maybe some helpful hints on how to get there (especially on the festival’s site, would it have hurt to put up an actual adress to the library for us non-Norwegians? ;)). But that’s my only complaint about the festival, the rest of the festival was a really nice experience. Everyone that was tabeling that I dared to talk to were super friendly and told me all I needed to know about the comics they were selling, which was nice :)


Since Norwegian and Swedish is pretty much alike I bought a few comics in Norwegian. I haven’t read them all yet, but I really enjoyed Ninjaduck by Bård Lilleøien, it was the right amount of sillyness and violence and I laughed out loud at a lot of stuff. Well worth the buy!

über is a series of anthologieswith different themes. I bought the fantasy edition and really liked the variety of comics!

I talked a bit with the creators of the web comic HELL(P), which were very friendly! I bought a prequel-story, drawn by a bunch of different artists, and it was a really nice introduction to their comic, and I will most definitely read more of it!

Joan Cornellà was one of the guests during the festival, and while I was visiting the tent I noticed that he was going to sign, so I took the chance and got one of his books, signed and all :) I’ve only seen his stuff on facebook for a shorter time, so I’m not a long-time fan or anything, but I thought it’d be nice to support his work since I really like it :)


And look at this epic little signature :D

But yeah, all in all, a really nice festival, I’d most definitely visit it again!

Now I’ll probably not visit any festivals until September – I need to prepare some comics for some anthologies and do a re-print of SPEJS #2…;)