SPEJS #1 is here!

As I mentioned earlier, I had sent the PDF for SPEJS #1 to the printer, and was all anxious how the result would turn out since I used a new printer and put together the PDF with Scribus. Well, a little while ago, I finally got the ‘zines and they look REALLY good!


The cover is super shiny and the colors are very vivid! The cover is printed on 200g silk paper while the insert is printed on 130g silk paper (SPEJS #2’s insert was printed on 90g copy paper, which isn’t as shiny), and I really like the look and feel of it!


This is a page I kind of figured out would be problematic because of lots of vivid greens and such, but I’m pretty comfortable with the result. Sure, there are some hue differences due to CMYK and RGB not working in the same way, but I think both versions look really good in their own ways :)


I really like the cover’s inside with the little Ragna & Gav pattern :) I’ve also made some adjustments from the first printing – I removed some info pages about Aeros and made it into new comic pages instead, and also changed the epilogue a bit – I think it came out a lot better in the end! So yeah, besides from it being in full color now, it also has some additional comic pages :D


The re-print has slightly different dimensions than the old re-print and chapter 2 – while the old books are 148×148 mm, these new babies are slightly bigger, 150×150. It’s a very small difference, so I don’t think it’ll be an eyesore ;)

So yeah, all in all, I’m very happy with this new printer for full color ‘zines, and Scribus did a really good job with putting together the PDF!

If you want to get your hands of a copy of SPEJS, there will be some opportunities for that! I’ll hang out at Dotterbolaget’s table during Seriegatan on August 21st in Stockholm, then I’ll have a table at the Helsinki Comics Festival September 3rd, then there’s Comic Con Stockholm at the beginning of November and Örebro Seriefestival at the end of November :)