SPEJS at Comic Con Stockholm


Hey, tomorrow it’s time for Comic Con Stockholm in Kistamässan! I will be sharing a table with the awesome Memokeen who is selling her slapstick BL comic Cockblock Kitties! And I will of course sell my rockin’ space opera SPEJS together with some prints, charms, necklaces and whatnot. I will also sell my inktober pieces I’ve done, so if you want an original ink piece by me for an affordable price, now’s the time!


So, where will you find us? Why, in the Artist Alley (which is super close to the entrance), of course :) We have our table close to Apart Förlag, so it should be fairly easy to find us :)

I’m looking forward to meet with friends I don’t see that often, watch a lot of cool cosplays and meet people who likes comics and art in some way or other! If you’re in Kista this weekend, don’t be shy! Come over and say hi :)