Confuzzled 2017

At the end of May, me and Memokkeen visited Birmingham and the furry con Confuzzled! I had never been in the UK before, and never visited a furry con! I really didn’t knew what to expect, but Memo told me that it was a friendly community, so I decided to tag along :)

First off was the travel day! As I was traveling from a Schengen country and did a 55 minute transfer in the Netherlands, I was nervous about missing the flight, but everything went really smooth at Schiphol Airport, despite having to go through passport checks and whatnot. As you can see, the weather in Stockholm and Birmingham were pretty similar! Also, it was kinda nice that the people of Birmingham joked around about this being their only day of summer, as we pull the same jokes over here when the weather gets really warm :D

When I finally arrived to Birmingham, I had a really hard time finding the Hilton Hotel though. First off, I didn’t know about the monorail, which would have saved me a lot of time – instead I was lugging around my 20 kg bag around Birmingham airport for maybe 1,5 hours before I finally found my way to the hotel XD Oh well, I guess I should have checked up these stuff better!

I arrived at the hotel at 3PM, and mine and Memo’s room wasn’t ready to check in yet. I had to wait for about 2 hours before I could check in, and in the meantime, I got some WifFi, free booze tickets and a chance to check out the crowd of the con as they arrived :)

At 5 PM, I finally got to check in to room, and shortly after Memo finally arrived! She was supposed to get here earlier than me, but her flight had some problems and yeah, delayed flight! But right after she had checked in, we went to the bar to use the booze tickets and just hang out!

Confuzzled is a pretty long con, it lasts Friday-Tuesday, but the Dealer’s Den part is only open between Friday-Monday until lunch. But that was pretty cool, then I got the opportunity to check out some panels and just hang out if I wanted to! We could set up our table on Friday already though, which was pretty convenient! Also, I really enjoyed to get a second badge and lanyard, it felt like I was dual-classing ;D

Our table in the Dealers’ Den was pretty epic! Memo has this super heavy, but awesome grid system which helps you to make the most out of your table, and she was kind enough to share half the grid with me <3 I brought some pearl-like garlands and book stands at least..? ^^;

If I compare this con to Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival, I sold so-so. But compared to Comic Con Stockholm, which has a LOT longer days and probably about as many/maybe even more visitors, I sold better at Confuzzled, which at first seems a bit shocking, no? But I think the crowd at Confuzzled are older, has more money to spend and also expects a Dealers’ Den! The Artist Alley at Stockholm Comic Con is kind of lame and it feels like people find it by chance 8D But yeah, sales-wise, it’s probably one of my better conventions if we don’t count Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival (‘cuz it’s hard to beat)!

As previously said, I had NO idea on what to expect from this con, so brought way too many comics, haha ^^; I actually got some sold, which is kinda cool since this is by no means a comic convention (and I’m not making a furry comic either). However, I got some of my inktober pieces I made last year sold (yay!) and also got some commissions done!

I’m really happy, because the people who asked me for commissions came with exactly the kind of commissions/characters I wanted to do, which made me super happy! I had lots of fun with these, as you might’ve noticed ;)

I also bought a few things during the con! Mostly stickers and mini prints (because I love that kind of stuff), but also some cute lil’ fluffy keychain and a nice skull necklace (glow in the dark ofc!).

In general, I kinda liked the food I found during my stay (I think I could find vegetarian alternatives every time, even though I decided to eat the sushi to left made out of actual fish), even though British food didn’t like me XD I’m a bit worried how my tummy will handle food this week as I’m going to London, and in September when I go to Leeds XD

But all in all, I had a blast at this con! I had no idea what to expect, but people were really friendly, and I was nothing but impressed by peoples’ fursuits! I didn’t take any photos myself, but here’s a flickr album by user Sean C that displays a lot of the fursuit talent I saw at the con! People at the Dealers’ Den were super talented as well! I’m so used to comic conventions where people usually makes comics and prints, but the range at this con were a lot wider! Yes, a lot of prints and artbooks, but also plushies, fursuit parts, collars/jewelries and even dildos (do I need to say that a con like this is 18+?)!

Also, hanging out with Memo was a blast! I think we understood each other’s needs and gave each other space and such when needed! I’m very happy that I got the chance to hang out with her more at this con, and I’m happy that I actually went with her for this experience :)

All in all, I had a great time at Confuzzled! It’s a con I’d probably like to visit again sometime, but probably together with someone I know since you’re living at a hotel and need to share your room with someone!

I’ll take a break from going to conventions for a few months now and next up is Thought Bubble in Leeds together with NellyAnna and Viktor!