My art summary of 2017!

I really enjoy doing year summaries (this was 2016!), and this year is no exception!

January – I spent my holidays playing Witcher 3, and in-between working with SPEJS #3, I drew some light hearted fan art in my sketchbook.

February – this was a romantic month! I did a Valentine’s day image for SPEJS, participated in an art trade over at Tapastic, and continued working on SPEJS #3.

March – I made some charms and stickers designs while still working on SPEJS #3!

April – this month was dedicated to finish SPEJS #3 and moving to a new apartment!

May – I finally printed SPEJS #3 and brought it to Stockholm’s International Comics Festival! A week later, me and Memokkeen went to Confuzzled in birmingham! It was my first time in England AND at a furry convention, and both were awesome experiences! Even though sales were pretty bad I got to do some awesome commissions and met a lot of cool people <3

June – just resting after a VERY intense spring, drew some pride-themed SPEJS stuff :3

July – still resting, but tried my hand on a more painterly style again. This dude was a character from a rpg that never happened.

August – Had my actual vacation! Needed new business cards though, so made a little design for that.

September – Went to Thought Bubble! It was VERY big and overwhelming, but also quite awesome! Sales were really bad though, but at least I sold out my Swedish Comic Sin books, yeah! I also created another character for a rpg that happened a few times, but now is canceled.

October – felt a bit down, and drew some passive agressive stickers that got very popular XD Tabled at a “feminist fair” and I thought it’d be a total flop for me, but I actually sold very good!

November – Went to Örebro Seriefestival, which was a bit of a flop for me sales-wise, but I had pretty fun! Drew my christmas card.

December – Tabled at another feminist fair which went just as good as the last one in October. I’ve been finishing up some short SPEJS stories that I plan to release next year!

I guess it could be summarized with: “worked my ass off to finish SPEJS #3 in 4 months (with a move that took a LOT of my spare time), got a bit burnt out and had a 4 month pause, drew some comics in October-December. Also tabled at a few places and went to England.”

Last year, I produced 76 finished comic pages. This year I’ve finished:

SPEJS #3 – 57 pages

SPEJS web Q&A – 5 pages

SPEJS short story #1 – 10 pages

SPEJS short story #2 – 11 pages

So in total 83 pages! I honestly thought I had made fewer pages, so this feels pretty good, even though all my comic making powers were dedicated to SPEJS this year :3

Last year, I wanted to do this:

  • Finish off SPEJS #3 – it’s a monster, but I want to release the beast!
    • Finished it off!
  • Table at least 3 conventions
    • Tabled at 6 events!
  • Go to Thought Bubble!
    • Went there!
  • Feel more confident with my colors
    • Eeeeh, I’m starting to get there, but I’ll bring this to next year!
  • Feel more confident with backgrounds
    • Same here, I’ll bring this to next year as well!
  • Have fun!
    • I had pretty fun? I’m starting to get the hang of what types of events that I enjoy, what people I like to surround myself with and where I want to go with my table, so I think I’m having fun on the road by learning stuff :)

So what do I want to do, art-wise 2018?

  • Get a new SPEJS book out! I’m not 100% confident that I’ll finish off everything I’ve planned for, but if I can get a 40-50 pages book, that’d be awesome!
  • Table at at least 4 conventions/events!
    • I’d also like to do more events in Sweden (and maybe Scandinavia) this year!
  • Feel confident with my backgrounds and color themes in SPEJS
    • I’d love to feel more confident with the looks of the backgrounds (even though they might be simple) and choice of color schemes for each SPEJS story I make.
  • Do more paintings/one-shot art
    • I’d like to have 1-2 projects to draw for each month, like re-do an old drawing or just a study of a painting I like.
  • Not get burnt out after May/plan my time better
  • Blog more!
    • I noticed when I was about to post this that half of the images I added to this summary I hadn’t even posted here on the blog! Shame! I’ll try to do better next year :)
  • Have fun!

My list is a little longer this year, let’s see if I manage to check any of these. I’m both excited and nervous for 2018!

Do you have any goals and hopes for 2018, art-wise? Please tell me in the comments :)


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