Stickers and charms – my favorite designs this year!

I realized I haven’t properly shown the sticker and charm designs I’ve drawn this year, so let’s remedy that :)

These sticker sheets I made in march this year. I’m always a little scared when ordering big chunks of sticker sheets and charms and such, but to my delight, they have been pretty popular :) I have a few of these on my work computer actually :)

These crystals were made into acrylic charms, and I thought they turned out pretty neat! I had lots of fun drawing crystals and flowers and would love to do more designs like these sometime in the future :)

These stickers, I kinda drew and made on a whim in October when I was feeling a bit down for various reasons (and I wanted something new and small for some fairs I was going to table at), and to my delight, the passive agressive cute animals were very popular! I have the unicorn on my work computer and will probably add more of these on my sketch books etc ;)

Let’s see what I’ll whip up in 2018! I’m having a lot of fun with cute animals saying the darnest things, and would love to do more feminist stuff, but we’ll see! I want to make stuff that I can be 100% behind and feel proud about having on my table :)