Art summary 2018

Hey, long time no post! I’ve been pretty busy this year drawing comics, and it feels like I’ve barely drawn any stand alone images, but here’s a summary of my art year:

This is my year, month-by-month:

January: Drew SPEJS and a short comic for an anthology. Went to London.

February: Drew more SPEJS

March: Finished off SPEJS pages, drew another short comic and attended Malmö Seriefest and a Feminist Market.

April: Sent off comic to printer, did some hardcore chilling.

May: Stockholm’s International Comic Festival! I attended an art swap at work. Went to Helsinki.

June: Created a tabaxi character for a role playing game that yet needs to happen. Made a rollup for upcoming conventions. Prepared myself for Närcon. Went to London.

July: Drew a comic for an erotic anthology. Joined in on the Summer Knights challenge. Attended Närcon with Stef Gaines and Jesper Nordqvist. July was so warm and humid in Sweden, it was a miracle that I managed to make something at all!

August: This was my vacation month. I went to New York and Söderhamn. I also prepared myself for the comic course I’d start attending in September (even though it started while I still was on vacation, heh).

September: Started to plan out and draw the comic I was set out to do during the course. Tabled at another Feminist Market, one of the best maerkets this year. Went to London.

October: Continued to draw my comic, had some problems with the story and re-worked it quite a bit. Got to know that my comic would be part of the erotic anthology. Went to London, attended Comic Con as a visitor, Got jealous that their artist alley was so much better than the Stockholm one.

November; Kept on drawing the comic. Went to Örebro and tabled at their comic festival.

December: Finished the first chapter of the comic. Finished up some drawings for friends (I still have a couple to go). Started to GM for Mutant: Year Zero.

To me, it feels like I’ve been done less this year than previous years! Less illustrations and less comic pages, somehow? Last year I finished 83 comic pages, while this year, I counted the amount to 71! However, last year, I only drew SPEJS comics, meaning I played around with the square 15x15cm format. This year, I’ve been drawing less SPEJS pages and more comics for different anthologies in A4 size, B5 size and so on. And the comic I’m working at during the comics course is also B5 size, which means I have more room for more panels/page etc, so even thoughj I’ve drawn less pages, I might’ve drawn the same amount of panels, or more.

And even though it feels like I’ve done less, I’m also happy that I’ve done a lot of other stuff than SPEJS! I’ve been drawing some erotic fantasy comics, a page for a feminist anthology, a very artsy sci-fi story and so on! I hope it has helped me to find my style and colors a little better :)

Also, these were my goals last year for 2018:

  • Get a new SPEJS book out! I didn’t finish all the stories I hoped for, but published a 64 paged little monster :)
  • Table at at least 4 conventions/events! – I tabled at 2 markets and 3 conventions. I had hoped for two more conventions, but one was cancelled and one I wasn’t accepted to table at.
    • I’d also like to do more events in Sweden (and maybe Scandinavia) this year! – I did no conventions outside of Sweden this year, and one of the conventions were new!
  • Feel confident with my backgrounds and color themes in SPEJS – I’m still struggling but getting better at it.
  • Do more paintings/one-shot art – this one I failed, so I’ll bring it to 2019
  • Not get burnt out after May/plan my time better – I think 2018 was better since I managed to draw quite a lot this fall.
  • Blog more! – Failed this one, I’ll bring it to 2019
  • Have fun! – 2018 was quite fun :)

So for 2019, art-wise I’m hoping to:

  • Finish the story I started to draw this fall
    • I think it’ll be around 100 pages, so it’s a monster, but I’ve promised to let it take its time and do my best!
  • Table at at least 4 conventions/events and do more talks!
  • Do more paintings/one shot-art
  • Blog more
    • Let’s try this again! I have some ideas of topics that might be fun to work with :) And also try to make a post at least each month with “this is what I’ve been up to!”.
  • Have fun!

So yeah, that’s my 2018 in art and hopefully what you might expect from me in 2019!