Happy Valentine’s day

Another Procreate experiment! I had the intention of drawing all the SPEJS characters, but I ran out of time ^^; But here’s Ragna!

I’m still so slow and awkwkard (I finished this during two episodes of Star Trek: DS9!) when it comes to painting in Procreate, but it feels I’m still learning something new every time I try :) I’m also still extremely amused by the time lapse function in Procreate, so here’s a video of that, enjoy:

Fantastic Makeover #1

I’m part of this art project called Fantastic Makeover, where a bunch of awesome artists make their own images based on a theme every month! This is my first piece, which as supposed to be a self portrait in a fantastic world of your choice. This is my contribution, I drew myself as a character in my own comic, hehe :D

I really wanted to try and make more paintings this year, so this project is a really good fit for me! This weekend, I’ll try to finish the next piece :3


I saw that Critterdeck was a thing on twitter, and decided to jump the bandwagon! Here’s me as a grumpy half-orc ranger, enjoy!

I drew the portrait in Procreate on my iPad. I still have a bit of a hard time working with it, but some brushes are really neat and I really like the time lapse you can create of your work :) I guess I have to practise my drawing on iPad-skills a bit more, practise makes perfect, right? ;)

Seisa, Ragna and Gav

Got a bit bored with the design of SPEJS’ webpage, so I decided to give it some new colors and background images. Drew these three chibies of Seisa, Ragna and Gav and thought they turned out cute enough to be displayed here :3 I really like how Gav looks like a scared t-rex behind Ragna lol XD

if you want to know how I used thee in the new web design, check out the web page!

My characters meme (& sketch dump)

I took part of a meme thing on twitter in December, where I presented one of my OC:s for each like I got. I thought it would be fun to showcase it here as well since I doodled my characters as I went :3

Naturally, I started with team SPEJS!

First off, Swagata Yadav! Founder of SPEJS, hacker and self-proclaimed genius! She likes tech, sweet drinks and getting spoilt in a spa!

Morwen of Gilios! The muscle of team SPEJS! She loves art, fashion, fine wines and beating people up in a game of boxing!

Ragna Korppi! SPEJS’ sniper! Likes strong liquor, romance novels and complaining about stuff!

Gav Moroz! He’s the newly recruited pilot of team SPEJS! He likes sweets, cars and cuddles (as long as there’s consent!)!

Continuing with supporting characters that have appeared in SPEJS chapters this far!

Artis! She’s Morwen’s ex and part of the military on planet Pangee. She likes sour drinks, pretty ladies and a good massage.

Seisa! She’s a criminal and has a past with Ragna. She likes strong liquor, big guns and luxury!

Then I added Ragna’s parents since I have a pretty good idea of them!

Atla Korppi (here drawn younger than she’d be in the current timeline)! She’s Ragna’s mother and is known in Aeros as a hero for her peace keeping work in the military. She likes white wine, adventures and her family.

Pavlu Korppi (here drawn younger than he’d be in the current timeline)! He’s Ragna’s father and one of the best doctors in Aeros military force! He likes a good meal, nursing people back to health and his family.

And then there’s Gav’s parents which haven’t been introduced yet, but I do have a pretty good idea about them too :)

Yegor Moroz (here drawn younger than he’d be in the current timeline)! He’s one of Gav’s dads and born on planet Seri. He likes beer, felines and gardening.

Karsen Moroz (here drawn younger than he’d be in the current timeline)! He’s one of Gav’s dads and born on planet Pangee! He likes beer, working on vehicles and being left alone.

After that, I ran out of SPEJS characters, so i drew some of my old sins ;)

Vlad! He’s an old RP character of mine that’s kind of a werewolf? He only changes in shape though, so he keeps his happy nerdy personality even as a werewolf. I really thought this guy was cute and would love to use him again :3

Motte! He was part of an old comic I drew. He’s an incubus and only attract ladies…which is a personal problem for him since he’s attracted to dudes. He’s also part moth and grows wings and an extra pair of arms when he’s threatened or excited!

Funh! She’s a 20 year old oc of mine, used in my fantasy webcomic I drew between 1998-2000! Princess and healer, and probably a little Usagi in her XD I just had to adjust her outfit a bit now ‘cuz I didn’t want to draw her in only a bikini XD

Zimis! She’s from the same webcomic as Funh, a swordslady and tomboy! I really liked her but since I was 14-15 when making this comic, my writing sucked XD I have to do better with my current characters :3

Zomis! Also from the same webcomic as Funh and Zimis and my name giving skills were really awesome XD He was my very first grumpy bish and he was a heckin’ brat I tell you! But I blame my 14 yo writing skills yet again ;)

And that’s it! It can be quite a good challenge to somethimes just take a look at your characters and try to get the essence of them to fit in a tweet :3


My art summary of 2017!

I really enjoy doing year summaries (this was 2016!), and this year is no exception!

January – I spent my holidays playing Witcher 3, and in-between working with SPEJS #3, I drew some light hearted fan art in my sketchbook.

February – this was a romantic month! I did a Valentine’s day image for SPEJS, participated in an art trade over at Tapastic, and continued working on SPEJS #3.

March – I made some charms and stickers designs while still working on SPEJS #3!

April – this month was dedicated to finish SPEJS #3 and moving to a new apartment!

May – I finally printed SPEJS #3 and brought it to Stockholm’s International Comics Festival! A week later, me and Memokkeen went to Confuzzled in birmingham! It was my first time in England AND at a furry convention, and both were awesome experiences! Even though sales were pretty bad I got to do some awesome commissions and met a lot of cool people <3

June – just resting after a VERY intense spring, drew some pride-themed SPEJS stuff :3

July – still resting, but tried my hand on a more painterly style again. This dude was a character from a rpg that never happened.

August – Had my actual vacation! Needed new business cards though, so made a little design for that.

September – Went to Thought Bubble! It was VERY big and overwhelming, but also quite awesome! Sales were really bad though, but at least I sold out my Swedish Comic Sin books, yeah! I also created another character for a rpg that happened a few times, but now is canceled.

October – felt a bit down, and drew some passive agressive stickers that got very popular XD Tabled at a “feminist fair” and I thought it’d be a total flop for me, but I actually sold very good!

November – Went to Örebro Seriefestival, which was a bit of a flop for me sales-wise, but I had pretty fun! Drew my christmas card.

December – Tabled at another feminist fair which went just as good as the last one in October. I’ve been finishing up some short SPEJS stories that I plan to release next year!

I guess it could be summarized with: “worked my ass off to finish SPEJS #3 in 4 months (with a move that took a LOT of my spare time), got a bit burnt out and had a 4 month pause, drew some comics in October-December. Also tabled at a few places and went to England.”

Last year, I produced 76 finished comic pages. This year I’ve finished:

SPEJS #3 – 57 pages

SPEJS web Q&A – 5 pages

SPEJS short story #1 – 10 pages

SPEJS short story #2 – 11 pages

So in total 83 pages! I honestly thought I had made fewer pages, so this feels pretty good, even though all my comic making powers were dedicated to SPEJS this year :3

Last year, I wanted to do this:

  • Finish off SPEJS #3 – it’s a monster, but I want to release the beast!
    • Finished it off!
  • Table at least 3 conventions
    • Tabled at 6 events!
  • Go to Thought Bubble!
    • Went there!
  • Feel more confident with my colors
    • Eeeeh, I’m starting to get there, but I’ll bring this to next year!
  • Feel more confident with backgrounds
    • Same here, I’ll bring this to next year as well!
  • Have fun!
    • I had pretty fun? I’m starting to get the hang of what types of events that I enjoy, what people I like to surround myself with and where I want to go with my table, so I think I’m having fun on the road by learning stuff :)

So what do I want to do, art-wise 2018?

  • Get a new SPEJS book out! I’m not 100% confident that I’ll finish off everything I’ve planned for, but if I can get a 40-50 pages book, that’d be awesome!
  • Table at at least 4 conventions/events!
    • I’d also like to do more events in Sweden (and maybe Scandinavia) this year!
  • Feel confident with my backgrounds and color themes in SPEJS
    • I’d love to feel more confident with the looks of the backgrounds (even though they might be simple) and choice of color schemes for each SPEJS story I make.
  • Do more paintings/one-shot art
    • I’d like to have 1-2 projects to draw for each month, like re-do an old drawing or just a study of a painting I like.
  • Not get burnt out after May/plan my time better
  • Blog more!
    • I noticed when I was about to post this that half of the images I added to this summary I hadn’t even posted here on the blog! Shame! I’ll try to do better next year :)
  • Have fun!

My list is a little longer this year, let’s see if I manage to check any of these. I’m both excited and nervous for 2018!

Do you have any goals and hopes for 2018, art-wise? Please tell me in the comments :)


Stickers and charms – my favorite designs this year!

I realized I haven’t properly shown the sticker and charm designs I’ve drawn this year, so let’s remedy that :)

These sticker sheets I made in march this year. I’m always a little scared when ordering big chunks of sticker sheets and charms and such, but to my delight, they have been pretty popular :) I have a few of these on my work computer actually :)

These crystals were made into acrylic charms, and I thought they turned out pretty neat! I had lots of fun drawing crystals and flowers and would love to do more designs like these sometime in the future :)

These stickers, I kinda drew and made on a whim in October when I was feeling a bit down for various reasons (and I wanted something new and small for some fairs I was going to table at), and to my delight, the passive agressive cute animals were very popular! I have the unicorn on my work computer and will probably add more of these on my sketch books etc ;)

Let’s see what I’ll whip up in 2018! I’m having a lot of fun with cute animals saying the darnest things, and would love to do more feminist stuff, but we’ll see! I want to make stuff that I can be 100% behind and feel proud about having on my table :)

A December Greeting (3/3)

This year, I drew three holiday cards, but didn’t send all to the printer. It’d be a waste of holiday spirits to not show them, so I’ll post one/week until Christmas, enjoy :)

This is the final card I made and decided to send out to my friends! I really enjoy giving team SPEJS some slack and let them join in on the holiday spirit (also kitties…obviously!).

And that’s it for me :) I’ll be working until Friday, but then I’ll have 1,5 weeks of holiday vacations, hopefully drawing, reading and playing video games :3 I really hope you’ll have some awesome holidays ahead of you! <3

A December Greeting (2/3)

This year, I drew three holiday cards, but didn’t send all to the printer. It’d be a waste of holiday spirits to not show them, so I’ll post one/week until Christmas, enjoy :)

This was the second card I drew, a more generic one with cats (who doesn’t like cats?!?). I thought it was cute enough, so I printed a few of these actually…so if you get this in your mailbox, lucky you, limited edition christmas cards! ;)

Fan art: Memo

There are some character I’d love to make fan art of, and my friend Mimosa’s character Memo is one of them! Mainly because I really think Memo is a cool-looking lady, and I’d really like to draw some of my friends’ characters more :3 I had lots of fun drawing Memo, especially her outfit. But I’m not 100% sure if I got her face right as I’m still not super awesome at furries XD Oh well, hope you enjoy!

SPEJS på Örebro Seriefestival 2017

This will be another Swedish post, but if you’re in Örebro this weekend (November 11th-12th), please stop by Hjalmar Bergman Teatern as there’s a comic festival with free entance! Come say hi and buy comics from a lot of awesome comic artists!

Hej hej allihopa! Den här helgen (11-12 November), så är det dags för Örebro SeriefestivalHjalmar Bergman Teatern i Örebro! Det är gratis inträde, så kom gärna förbi och säg hej, det är ett gäng utställare, både utgivna och indieskapare :)

Jag har spenderat helgen lite till att förbereda vad jag ska ta med mig, och här är ett urval av vad ni kommer hitta på mitt bord :) Självklart tar jag med mig SPEJS, mitt lattjolajban-rymdäventyr! Trean är utkommen i år och det finaste och tjockaste delen av dem alla, men de andra två delarna är så klart också mycket fina (och självklart kan du köpa alla tre delarna till ett fint paketpris) ;) Jag tar med mig några av mina nyare halsband och örhängen med rymdkristaller, lite passivt aggressiva stickers med enhörningar och katter, och peppiga SPEJS-stickers ;) Och sedan får vi se vad som mer slinker ner i min konventsväska, kanske lite vykort, prints och originalmålningar..? :)

Så har du krokarna förbi Örebro i helgen, ta chansen och kom och träffa mig och andra awesome serieskapare i helgen, det kommer bli riktigt nice :)

Inktober 2017 – 31

So, this year’s inktober didn’t really turn out like I hoped to – I was hoping to make more computer inked stuff, but I had so little time that inking on my way to work was more convenient. Also, I got sick for a week and some other stuff made me skip for quite a lot of days. But hey, I did a few pieces and it helped me come back to drawing after my summer/fall pause, so I’m pretty happy anyways :)

So, since it’s halloween today, I decided to draw the SPEJS crew as spooky monsters ;)

And as a bonus, here’s a colored version of spooky team SPEJS:

Feministisk Höstmarknad denna söndag!

This blog post will be mainly in Swedish, but if you’re in Stockholm on Sunday, please come to Folkkungagatan 44 and buy awesome feminist stuff <3

Nu på Söndag kommer det hållas en Feministisk Höstmarknad på Folkkungagatan 44 i Stockholm! Det kommer säljas allt från konst till keramik till kläder till serier, och jag kommer vara där och sälja lite av varje!

Jag gillar ju att rita och måla, va, så jag kommer ta med lite akvarellbilder till försäljning, priser mellan 100-600 kr! Lite rymd, lite coola brudar, lite katter och lite fula ord, hoppas det smakar :)

Jag kommer även ta med mig lite smycken och nyckelringar gjorda i akryl med bland annat dessa kristallmotiv!

Jag har även gjort lite stickerskartor med peppiga budskap, bland annat dessa skönheter :)

Och jag är ju serietecknare, så självklart kommer jag ta med mig några SPEJS, min röjjiga rymdopera med majoritet kvinnliga karaktärer i huvudrollen! :)

Jag har även ETT exemplar kvar av Swedish Comic Sin, som innehåller ett gäng bra erotiska serier! Någon lycklig person kommer kunna köpa den för en femtiolapp (kostar annars en hunka), kommer det bli du?

Och självklart kommer det finnas en massa annat götta på mitt bord, med priser mellan 5kr-600kr, så något för alla ;) Väl mött på Söndag <3

Inktober 2017 – 24 & 25

I’ve been sick for a week and had to prepare for a thing I’ll table at this weekend (more about that on Friday), so I’ve been missing out on a lot of days! And I’ll probably miss a few more, but yeah, I’ll do what I can :) Here are two Inktober pieces I’ve made during the past days:

Day 24’s Queertober prompt was “boday hair” and since I drew the non-men of SPEJS in undies a few days back, I thought this was an excellent opportunity to also draw Gav in his undies and expose his hairyness :B Done as a “cool down” piece when I visited my studio the other day :) Drawn with a brush pen and some pigment liners.

This one, I just drew without a prompt. Today’s been VERY rainy, and I was heading to the gym at 6.30 am this morning, feeling very tired, so I drew my current mood while commuting :) Drawn with a pigment liner.


Inktober 2017 – 16

I’ve been missing out on a few prompts, as expected. Sometimes you have other priorities and the day only have that many hours. Oh well, it’ll be interesting to see how many prompts I manage to finish during this month :)

Today’s queertober prompt is “self care” and I decided to draw Ragna just chilling and recarging after a mission…by hiding somewhere far from everyone, read a book, drink some whisky and eat some snacks. What they’re readong? That’s a secret XD

Again, drawn while commuting since that seems to be the only time of day when I have the time for these XD Pigment Liner, size 0.3.

Inktober 2017 – 11

I started to draw this yesterday, but didn’t have time to finish until today, so this is also a late inktober! Yesterday’s queertober prompt was “body positive”, meaning a good reason to draw my characters in underwear apparantly ;) I really enjoying each and every one of my characters and their looks and body types <3

I didn’t add Gav to the image because of bad planning, but I think I’ll get more reasons to draw his bare chest during this challenge ;)