Report from Örebro Seriefestival


As I still have it in my head, I thought I could do a quick re-cap of my weekend at Örebro Seriefestival. This was the first year the festival was held and I really didn’t know what to expect, and considering my tabling adventures in Helsinki was a disaster this year, I decided to have very low expecations and just be happy if I covered the table costs. Also, I wanted to focus on meeting my comic buddies Yvette, Anna, Nelly and Viktor and just have a good time!


I decided to go to Örebro at Friday directly after work. I arrived at 7pm and managed to get some dinner together with Nelly and Viktor, which was super nice! My hotel room was a small one-bed story, but the bed was soft and the bathroom was fresh (and hotel breakfast! How I love thee, hotel breakfast!), so it was everything I needed.


Saturday morning, I sat up my table. This is the first time since GothCon this year that I had a table all for myself, so I decided to go crazy and decorate it in a very fabulous manner ;)

One thing I was a bit nervous about was that I brought 40 of my sketchbooks and wanted to go home with none. The thing is that I had run out of business cards, and decided to hand out the sketchbook to people instead. It seemed to work, people got a better look at my art/sketches and my bags got significally lighter, so I’m happy ;) Also, the bestseller on my table was SPEJS, I sold about as much as I had planned to sell (even though I always bring a few more just in case). While it would have been nice to sell 1 or 2 of the Swedish Comic Sin anthology (because they’re heavy!), I am super happy and grateful about the interest of my own story! It made me very encouraged to continue working on chapter three (which is going to be the longest chapter this far!)!


Sunday was a shorter day and a lot slower, but as usual with these kind of cons, I was expecting that. I was walking around a lot, talking to other creators and just chilling.


The market place was divided into two floors. Some people maybe didn’t find their way up to us indie creators, but I was positively surprised by the amount of customers that found their way up. Also, it was kinda fun to look down at the floor where the guests and more established creators were found, and I took a “paparazzi photo” of Lasse Åberg taking a photo of Kim W Andersson XD

All in all, I did enjoy the festival! As usual when you’re selling ‘zines, you’re a bit sad that you easily can’t escape your table and look at the talks held during the festival, but you can’t be everywhere all the time sadly. I hope there will be a next year for the festival, because I’d really like to come back to Örebro again. Kudos to the crew who made the festival, were really friendly and helpful before and during the festival, and I hope you were happy with the arrangement yourselves :)

I’ve talked a lot with my Swedish comic-creating buddies and we all agree that it would be awesome with more Swedish comic festivals than Stockholm’s International Comics Festival in May, especially now when it’s a super sweaty business to get a table (this year they sold out in less than 5 hours!). To me as a comic creator who wants to mainly focus on my own stories and characters, conventions like Närcon and Comic Con Stockholm isn’t ideal, so I rather go to conventions for comic enthusiasts. I think Örebro would be a great addition to Sweden’s comic festivals, we really need one during fall, so I really hope this will happen again :)


Finally, this is my small loot from the festival! To my defense, I had bought a lot of my friends’ comics before, but I’m glad I found some new artists to like! The comics are made by Olivia Skoglund and Sigrid Rudnert, the illustration is by Yvette, the stickers by Nelly and finally the ear rings are made by Sea.

Did you go to Örebro Seriefestival, and what was your thoughts about it?

My birthday and gift art!

So March seems to treat me well this year. I got super sick on the 1st and had fever for about two days, and two days of sinuses acting up like they do when you have the flu. So yeah I sort of missed my own birthday (and I was planning on having a birthday fika as well!) XD So while I woke up on Saturday, feeling a bit miserable because I was feeling crappy and the fika was canceled, I recieved a lot of love online! I really like that aspect of the web, even though you can’t see each other IRL, you can always message your friend on facebook, twitter or whatnot and tell them that you care <3

And! I actually got some gift art, I feel so spoiled <3


Super awesome Karrey, creator of the equally super awesome comic The Din (if you haven’t read it already, you totally should, it’s super gorgeous and every new page is worth the wait!), sent me this art of Simon, Aranya and Sanna from my older comic Shit Spider. I really like how these characters come out in Karin’s style, they look totally awesome <3


This piece of Ragna and Gav (and a cat? or is it..? :O) I got from the fantastic Stef Gaines! I might’ve squealed a bit when I saw this (it pretty much have everything I like at the moment) and I really really like how she drew Ragna, she looks perfect and very Ragna-like <3 Stef is a comic artist that just went full freelance, so check out her portfolio page and tumblr for more awesome stuff!


Anna Landin drew this awesome sparkly ‘n flexing Gav (which may be my new lock screen now) and I kinda screamed when I saw it, because Anna just caught Gav perfectly <3 If you haven’t seen Anna’s work before, you’re in for a treat, she has an art tumblr AND a web comic called Grassblades, which both are very much worth checking out!


So thanks girls for making my crummy birthday (because who likes being sick on their birthday?) a LOT better! <3 I’m almost healed now, but I think I caught some food poisoning yesterday that’s still acting up, so I’m home today as well. I really hope the rest of March will be better health-wise ^^;

Christmas calendars

Hey people! As you might’ve noticed, I’m skipping out on the counting down to christmas shenanigans this year. I simply had too little time to come up with anything (Previous calendars: 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014) . I do have a few favourites this year though!

Rita snyggt eller dö post a new picture every day until christmas with a fairy tale theme :)


Anna Landin has done a christmas calendar comic every december for a while now, and this year’s calendar, Wishlight, is very beautiful and colorful, check it out!


Diana is posting a very nice Christmas story this season with a Nordic folklore theme. I’m so in love with the style and characters <3 You can check it out on both tumblr and instagram :)


I am also very happy for my friend Gabbi, who illustrated this year’s christmas calendar for Sveriges Radio! It looks absolutely awesome!

Are you following any christmas calendars this year? Please share a link!

Mitt skrivbord & gift art! <3

skrivbordSå här ser min lilla nördhörna ut för tillfället där jag datar, beundrar snygga bilder och klapar snel påni :D Jag har äntligen skaffat lite fler ramar och bestämde mig för att arrangera om lite och omge mig med tüffa cheyer (She-Ra, Sailor Moon med vänner) och en massa fin gift art/commissions för att smörja mitt ego när jag känner mig lite nere :D senaste tillskottet i min samling av gift art är från awesome Jenni Luna Söderlund, kolla bara!


Asså den totala glädjen när jag fick denna! <3 <3 <3 Hur kan man inte bli glad i att se deras sköna dynamik lix? Och jag älskar verkligen hur Jenni får till ragna spot on, samt att gav är så sjukt gölli :D

Jenni har en webbserie som heter Vortex som jag tycker att ni ska följa snarast! Hon har även en sida på DeviantArt med en massa snygg art + eventuell commission-info :)

Jag kan även nämna några andra vars prints och commissions man kan se här!

She-Ra är gjord av Diana Jakobsson

Sailor Moon-printsen hittar man hos Super Kichi Store

Fler snygga prints finns på Monkan Store

Glöm inte att kolla in The Din Som Karin Rindevall gör!

Kolla även in Li Österbergs awesome tolkningar av grekisk mytologi

Har även fått och köpt helt fantastisk art av Frida Larsson

Adventure Time!


Hade en riktigt trevlig helg hos Diana med mycket prat, tecknande och animenostalgi…och lite Adventure Time :D Jag tog med mig ett skissblock med lite brunaktigt “återvunnet” papper och tyckte det var dags att nyttja det, så det blev lite blandat i den! Här kommer en bild på Finn och jake från Adventure Time :)

Är osäker på om den blåa pennan gör sig bra mot pappret eller om jag borde förstärka med lite tusch. Det blir nog att experimentera lite!

Art trade: Alyx


Så, jag och superduktiga Frida gjorde en art trade. Temat var “snofsigt uppklädd, men obekväm på fest”, typ ;) Jag gjorde hennes karaktär Alyx och eftersom han härjar loss i vad jag tror är fantasysetting så gick jag crazy och googlade ryska tsarer för outfitinspo :D Jag hade jättekul med att pilla med massa mönster och kedjor och jox!

Och jag måste bara visa hennes del av art traden pga snygg och så blir jag pepp av andras tolkningar av mina karaktärer! Killen till vänster är min Gav och tjejen till höger är en annans karaktär, Mortel tror jag hon heter. Även om de aldrig träffat varandra förr älskar jag hur Frida fick till en spänd dynamik mellan de två:


Jag kan bara tänka mig den tänkta ice breakern som gick helt snett där ;)

Julkalendrar att hålla koll på!

Aranya fan art av Magnus Fredriksson

Awesome Aranya-fan art i Magnus Julkalender!

Hörni, jag tänkte lista lite julkalendrar som poppade upp i går som jag tycker att ni borde följa!

Magnus Julkalender – Magnus Fredriksson, mannen bakom animationsstudion Bortbyting, kommer ha en fan art-kalender i år, lite som jag hade förra året. Jag känner mig ärad att Aranya fick vara i lucka ett och ser verkligen fram emot att få se övriga luckor :)

Anna Landin kommer köra en serie med vintertema på hennes tumblr! Jag ser verkligen fram emot den då jag gillade hennes serie från förra året. Jag hoppas på något snyggt, mysigt och vinterigt :)

Stef Gaines kommer också köra en serie på sin blogg. Jag vet inte så mycket om den, men det är något jag ser fram emot! Och yay, serie-julkalender! :)

Jenny Berggrund kör bildkalender med tema djur! :)

Några andra tecknar/seriejulkalendrar jag borde lyfta fram? Hojta så lägger jag till allt eftersom :)


Har jag sagt att jag älskar att få mina karaktärer tolkade av andra? Inte? jag ÄLSKAR att få mina karaktärer tolkade av andra! Gift art är kul, men inget jag förväntar mig då de flestas tid är ganska dyrbar. Art trades är grymma – en bild för en bild liksom! Commissions är ett supernice sätt att visa uppskattning åt andra tecknare! Jag är lite dålig på att köpa commissions själv, men gör det när jag kan :)

Nåväl! Jag, Diana och Agnes körde en liten art trade förra veckan, och jag fick två väldigt snygga tolkningar på min lilla hacker Swagata, kolla bara:


Tolkning av Agnes! Så jäkla nice, jag gillar verkligen hur sassy hon ser ut, samt hur hon gjorde hennes hår!


Här är Dianas tolkning! jag gillar verkligen hur slug hon ser ut, lugnt att hon håller på med något riktigt databus! :)