Oh Ferric…

Ferric was this crazy alchemist character I role played for a short while last fall. I was going to link to an earlier image I did of him, but apparently I had naver posted it here. Huh. Let’s remedy that!

Even though I didn’t stick around to play him that much, I thought he was kinda cutre and could’ve been interesting in better circumstances. Maybe I’ll use him in some other way another time :)

A sticky situation

My poor potion master Ervin seems to be in a sticky situation here! And apparantly, it’s not the first time for him either! Hopefully, his half orc buddy Bjarki can help him this time as well ;)

Also I’ll be hanging out at Närcon for the rest of the weekend, so no more updates here this week! However, I have a bunch of sketches and drawings I’ll continue posting next week, stay tuned!