Grumpy forest guy


Had some fun drawing this grumpy dude on my way to work. Is he a faun? Or a demon? I have no clue! Some type of forest and crystals kind of guy anyways. Mostly sketched with a pencil and then inked with a 0.3 fineliner in my brown sketchbook. I might transfer this little fella to the computer or some water colour paper and try to do a more finished piece, that’d be cool :)

Mermay 2016 – 05


Summer usually turns into water color months for me because it’s too hot to sit by the computer, and water colours I can bring anywhere. And even though Sweden still hasn’t made up it’s mind yet whether it’s going to be summer or not, I’ve picked up my water colours already :)

I’m not sure what I want to learn this summer with water colours. I’ve already tried out to paint some galaxies, but it’d be fun to try and mess around a bit with some techniques. I got the tip to put some salt crystals on the painting before drying to get a nice speckled effect for instance, so I might try that one out a bit more :) We’ll see what fun kind of tutorials I could dig out for the summer!

The latest prints

I managed to make two new prints for SIS, and I’m really happy with how they turned out. They have a bit of a shojo-like estetique, but still keeps the SPEJS and sci-fi-feeling, so glad it turned out how I wanted them to!


I actually drew Ragna like two months ago and thought “hey, it’d be cool to add Gav, and maybe amke an image with Swagata and Morwen too”. So last week, I drew Gav and made an actual picture of this :D


Swagata and Morwen I drew last week while in Barcelona, to get the concept and poses right. I think they turned out pretty damn fab! :)


So this week, I placed an order for prints at Kista Snabbtryck, they printed ’em up so quick (I could pick ’em up the next day), they were cheap and the quality is super nice! It’s always hard to photograph semi-glossy stuff with a crappy phone camera with only indoor lights, but believe me, the colours turned out so vivid, and they look freakin’ awesome! Can’t wait to show (and sell) ’em at Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival next week :)

SPEJS #2 is here!


So, I haven’t talked much about SPEJS part 2, haven’t I? I thought I hadn’t done anything BUT talking about it, hehe :D Well, I’ve been working with SPEJS #2 since Christmas more or less, it’s in full colour, stars Swagata and Morwen and takes place at a party!

Swagata Yadav and her colleague Morwen of Gilios are partying at the space station Nejlika while looking for out for a possible burglar that has been stealing artefacts from the pangee lately. Will they find the culprit before it’s too late?

SPEJS #2 is a fun sci-fi adventure by Jenny Hannula, packed with kick-ass women, the colour purple and sparkly transformation sequences. Rock on!

I am quite happy with this chapter since it’s so sparkly and both Swagata and Morwen are such kickass ladies, and I hope you will enjoy it too! I got it from the printer a week ago or so and was a bit nervous about the colours because it was my first time printing in colour, but I think they did a nice job! Here’s a preview of the comic I showcased over at my Instagram account:

Ett filmklipp publicerat av @jennulator

So yeah, I will sell this comic at Stockholm International Comics Festival which happens in a week! It will cost SEK 60, and if you want an extra fancy signing in your copy, you should make a pre-order by Swishing 60 kr, your name and a SPEJS character you’d like me to draw (otherwise I’ll draw anyone that comes up in my mind) to 0730610552.

Can’t come to the festival/don’t live in Stockholm, but want a copy? Swish 73 kr and add your adress and I’ll mail it to you :)

And hey, it looks really fancy next to SPEJS #1, just because I want to show off a little:

Ett foto publicerat av @jennulator

Angry alien girl


Even though I’m all done and have printed the next SPEJS chapter, I’ve started to muse on the next chapter! A “short story” I planned to include in the second book got scrapped (because of time) which is great, because I’m going to remake the script a bit and make it the proper third SPEJS chapter instead. This angry alien lady will probably join in and make life hard for team SPEJS ;)

Regarding the weapons in SPEJS, I am not an expert on guns of any kinds. I’ve tried to make some research on how to hold guns, their anatomy etc, but not more than that. Also, most of my inspo for the guns in SPEJS are classic cartoony ray guns and Kenny Starfighter’s hairminator:kenny01 kenny02

I love that kind of whimsical stuff :)

I will make a post this week about the second chapter of SPEJS, because it looks super nice! :)

Breakfast Crashers update


I tried to update the Breakfast Crashers image with a background. It looks a little more like an actual picture :) I might adjust it a bit more and make an A5 print out of it for SIS, would you like that? I’m also considering trying to make a print with Swagata and Morwen since the new book is all about them :) Hopefully I can get those printed in time, fingers crossed..!

Fierce mage lady


Hey, hope you all had a great Easter! :) As you might know, I spent mine in Gothenburg at Gothcon XL! I will add a blog post about it later this week, but all in all, I had a pretty nice time there :) I seemed to catch some minor con crud though, so I haven’t been feeling quite stellar ^^; It’s really weird too since I was staying at a hotel and wasn’t around that many people. Oh well, maybe I’m just not used to Gothenburg? ;)

However, during the con, I drew a few small A6 doodles and this was one of them! It’s a fierce mage done with a brush pen (my first brush pen! And I LOVE it!), some fineliners and some gel pens. They were up for sale during the con, but no-one wanted to adopt them :D Oh well, they went back home with me instead :)