Angry alien girl


Even though I’m all done and have printed the next SPEJS chapter, I’ve started to muse on the next chapter! A “short story” I planned to include in the second book got scrapped (because of time) which is great, because I’m going to remake the script a bit and make it the proper third SPEJS chapter instead. This angry alien lady will probably join in and make life hard for team SPEJS ;)

Regarding the weapons in SPEJS, I am not an expert on guns of any kinds. I’ve tried to make some research on how to hold guns, their anatomy etc, but not more than that. Also, most of my inspo for the guns in SPEJS are classic cartoony ray guns and Kenny Starfighter’s hairminator:kenny01 kenny02

I love that kind of whimsical stuff :)

I will make a post this week about the second chapter of SPEJS, because it looks super nice! :)

Breakfast Crashers update


I tried to update the Breakfast Crashers image with a background. It looks a little more like an actual picture :) I might adjust it a bit more and make an A5 print out of it for SIS, would you like that? I’m also considering trying to make a print with Swagata and Morwen since the new book is all about them :) Hopefully I can get those printed in time, fingers crossed..!

Breakfast crasher


Oh Ragna, I know your pain. You have ONE day off, and you decide to do absolutely NOTHING, just hanging out in the house in nothing but your jammies. You take a seat at the breakfast table with the biggest bowl of sugary cereals and a large pan o’ coffee…and then some jerk shows up and wants to hang out with you. On your free day, how DARE they!

…at least Gav has some biceps and chest hair she can look at while being pissed off..? ;)

This piece is going to be a filler/preview image in the next SPEJS book, but I really liked how it turned out, so I wanted to show it off at the blog as well :)

Badass Morwen


A badass Morwen I drew this weekend :) Basically, I needed some good character pinups for my next batch of business cards, and I wanted the SPEJS-related cards to feature the four main characters :) I was going to use an image I made from the next chapter, realized it wasn’t good enough and made a new one. I’ll also exchange the image in the comic with this one since it was a lot better. The wonders of working digitally, people! ;)

Pre-SPEJS Ragna


I scribbled this little thing last week on the metro train to work. Even though it doesn’t get perfect, it’s really awesome to be able to sketch and ink a little piece like this during one 30 minute train ride to work :)

It’s Ragna from my sci-fi comic SPEJS, dressed in a make-do battle armour she managed to put together with the minimal founds she had. I’ll probably have a small flashback with Swagata and Morwen recruiting Ragna in the third chapter, and I need to figure out Ragna’s outfit :) I think he’s even more grumpy and pissed off before she joined SPEJS, if that’s even possible…;)

Gav and Ragna personality switch


This is also two pictures I did a while ago based on the idea of letting Gav and Ragna from my comic SPEJS switch their personalities. What would they wear and how would they carry themselves? Gav is usually a pretty happy-go-lucky space troll while Ragna is the surly looking humanoid. I had a lot of fun with Gav looking all surly, hiding himself in a hoodie while Ragna let her hair out and smiles a bit goofily XD

National Hugging Day


Yesterday was National Hugging Day for some reason. While I didn’t celebrate it much, I couldn’t help myself but to make this little drawing with Ragna and Gav from my web comic SPEJS. I love to see them hug because Gav is really doing it with all of his heart while Ragna is very awkward about it XD But she’s probably not hatingit. If she did, Gav’d be lying on the floor, crying ;)

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend! And if you’re Swedish and want to shop comics about the environment (and by doing so, supporting the environment), head over to Bokus and check out Serier För Klimatet! :)