Fan art: Prim (Magic Advisor)


Here’s another fan art and web comic tip! This time I drew Prim, the super fun villan from the web comic Magic Advisor/Magikonsult, yet another comic with a great cast and an awesome sense of humour (with a big sprinkle of the occult)! <3 I took some liberties with her outfit though, but I tried to keep it to a style I think Prim could appreciate :)

Fan art: Pello (Immortal Nerd)


So, recently I’ve been reading the web comic Immortal Nerd, and I really like it! It’s a light hearted sci-fi comic with great humour and a really adorable cast! My favourite must me Pello, the big softie that hates to shower XD  So yeah, here’s a fan art of the dude! If you think he looks interesting, I urge you to check out the comic as well <3

Sailor Moon


I’ve been a Sailor Moon fan since 1996-1997, I think? And I am getting some feels now again with the Sailor Moon Crystal S-season, I think it’s pretty good (even though the new endings are horrible compared to the cool Haruka/Michiru one). I don’t know, but I like the concept of magical girls, and Sailor Moon has pretty cool attacks (with sometimes horrible names) and great characters, what is not to like? :)

Anyways, although I really like Sailor Moon, I still have a problem capturing her. Maybe it’s the skirt, maybe I have problems with drawing pretty ‘n sparkly, maybe it’s the hair that gets me, I don’t know. Here’s an attempt at least, and practise makes perfect, you know..? :)

As always, this is drawn on my way to work. It’s a 30 minute train ride, and I try to make do with the time and space I have on a train. Even though I don’t get much else done, drawing-wise that day, I at least have doodled something :)

Fan art: Masahiro


Hey hey! Today’s the birthday of awesome artist Anna Landin, and since she made such an awesome Gav for me, and I’ve really wanted to draw her grumpy and awkward samurai-dad Masahiro from her TOTALLY AWESOME web comic Grassblades (for reals, if you haven’t read it yet, do it, you’ll have a blast!), I thought this was an awesome opportunity! So yeah, happy birthday Anna, hope you’ll have a great one :)

Tiberius Stormwind


I’ve started to watch Critical Role (well, started, I’m on episode 25-ish), a web-tv show where some voice actors play D&D. It’s a really good show to watch while making My Little Pony-customs, ink and colour comics  or something else in that manner! I really like all the characters, but Tiberius must be my absolute favourite, he’s hilarious! <3 So here’s my little Tiberius tribute, I might try to draw him (or someone else of the team) again soon, it was lots of fun :)

Inktober #8 – Fawn


It’s web comic fan art time! If you haven’t read the awesome comic Vortex yet, you should do so! I decided to try and draw Fawn from the comic since I really like his design, and to challenge myself into drawing his hair style :D

Jenni is the one making the comic and she’s such an awesome, encouraging and friendly person! if you haven’t already, go and check her art or comic :)

Inktober #3 – in the name of the moon…


My third inktober piece is a Sailor Moon fan art that I more or less made from memory, so her dress is probably a bit inaccurate ;) I tried to dare and use more black shadows in this piece, and while the result wasn’t 100% awesme, it’s a learning experience :) I think I know what to do next time to make the shadows better :)

We are the chrystal gems!


A quick fan art of Steven Universe’s three moms XD I’ve finally caught up with the show and I really dig it! I really like the variety of all the female characters in both personality and looks! I think Garnet, Pearl and Connie are my favorites this far, but Amethyst is really interesting too, and Steven and Greg are just too sweet <3 Arrrgh, too many awesome charactersssss :D