Geralt and the godlings

During the Christmas break, I did play a LOT of Witcher 3, and this weekend, I finally finished the main story! It was a good game, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would! Quite unexpectedly, I really enjoyed the godlings, they were fun and cute with their creepy faces, and they seemed so nice! I also really really enjoyed the trolls, what a delight it was to interact with them :D Anyways, here’s a small doodle I did with Geralt babysitting the godlings ;) And yes, my Geralt has the friendly mutton chops. Whenever my male character can have sideburns, I will give them sideburns ;)

Inktober 2016 – Garrus


hey, it’s time for Inktober, and I’ll try to participate with at least 15 pieces this year :) Depending on the quality, I’ll post the pieces here, but if you want to see them all, you should check out my instagram :)

Here’s my take on Garrus, my first attempt on being bold with the ink and use lots of black! For Garrus’ face I used a steel nib and ink though, to get the small details.

Fan art: Dorian Pavus

dorianSo, two weeks ago, I bought myself a present and an upgrade, a Wacom Cintiq! I went for the 13 inch one because that’s about how much room I have on my desk right now :D But I’m pretty sure I made the right choice size-wise, I’m really happy with it this far! So to kick off my ownership of this wonderful thing, here’s a Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age:Inquisition! I’ve been pining to draw him for quite some time, and now I finally dared to do so, yay! Also, an additional Northern Lights in the background, because why not ;)

Made in Clip Studio Paint.

Freaky Friday Fanart Festival – Tali!


I fredags anordnade Plutonium Comics Freaky Friday Fanart Festival,dvs rita lite sköj fan art! Jag snodde ihop en supersnabb Tali medan sambon låg och småslumrade en stund :) Inte superdetaljerad (damn you Bioware, göra så avancerade dräkter hela tiden!!!), men jag börjar få bättre koll på hur hennes hjälm funkar vilket jag är nöjd över :) Gjord i Clip Studio Paint.