Inktober #15 & #16 – Spooktacular Gav and Ragna



Of course I had to spookify Gav and Ragna as well to match my previous post with Swagata and Morwen! Of course Gav can’t look spooky to save his life, even though I added some blood and everything XD Ragna on the other hand, wouldn’t like to meet that in the forest =P

And this concludes my Inktober! It has been a blast even though I got sick and hurt my shoulder (both was probably not because of Inktober), and I managed to meet my goal and make one every second day, whee :D

This weekend, me and the mega awesome Anna Landin will share a table at Stockholm Comic Con over at Friends Arena! If you plan to go, please come and visit! I’ll post more about my participation tomorrow :)

Inktober #13 & #14 – Spooktacular Swagata and Morwen



This final Inktober week, I wanted to do something Spooky! And since I’m in a SPEJS kind of mood, I’ll spookify the four main characters of SPEJS :) Here’s the first batch with Swagata and Morwen :) Swagata would probably be a cheeky devil, while Morwen would go all-out spooky lady :D Thought it would be fun to spice up these final pieces with some coloured ink, but since I only have green and red ink, I’ll have to work with that :)

Inktober #9 – Ragna’s Dad


And of course I had to draw Ragna’s dad as well. He’s seri and has worked as a military field doctor most of his life. Nowadays, he’s probably working as a doctor (or in a more bossy position) in Aeros City military base. He’s probably a calm person at work and maybe a bit of the more concerned/nitpicky family man at home that cooks, cleans and whatnot, since no-one else is bothered to do it ;) I bet he does it with a smile though and that his dad joke game is pretty strong none-the-less :)

I’ll probably pause on my Inktobers for a few days now. I managed to strain my left shoulder in some weird way, and pretty much everything hurts :/ Hopefully I’ll heal soon enough though :)

Inktober #8 – Fawn


It’s web comic fan art time! If you haven’t read the awesome comic Vortex yet, you should do so! I decided to try and draw Fawn from the comic since I really like his design, and to challenge myself into drawing his hair style :D

Jenni is the one making the comic and she’s such an awesome, encouraging and friendly person! if you haven’t already, go and check her art or comic :)