SPEJS på Örebro Seriefestival 2017

This will be another Swedish post, but if you’re in Örebro this weekend (November 11th-12th), please stop by Hjalmar Bergman Teatern as there’s a comic festival with free entance! Come say hi and buy comics from a lot of awesome comic artists!

Hej hej allihopa! Den här helgen (11-12 November), så är det dags för Örebro SeriefestivalHjalmar Bergman Teatern i Örebro! Det är gratis inträde, så kom gärna förbi och säg hej, det är ett gäng utställare, både utgivna och indieskapare :)

Jag har spenderat helgen lite till att förbereda vad jag ska ta med mig, och här är ett urval av vad ni kommer hitta på mitt bord :) Självklart tar jag med mig SPEJS, mitt lattjolajban-rymdäventyr! Trean är utkommen i år och det finaste och tjockaste delen av dem alla, men de andra två delarna är så klart också mycket fina (och självklart kan du köpa alla tre delarna till ett fint paketpris) ;) Jag tar med mig några av mina nyare halsband och örhängen med rymdkristaller, lite passivt aggressiva stickers med enhörningar och katter, och peppiga SPEJS-stickers ;) Och sedan får vi se vad som mer slinker ner i min konventsväska, kanske lite vykort, prints och originalmålningar..? :)

Så har du krokarna förbi Örebro i helgen, ta chansen och kom och träffa mig och andra awesome serieskapare i helgen, det kommer bli riktigt nice :)

Feministisk Höstmarknad denna söndag!

This blog post will be mainly in Swedish, but if you’re in Stockholm on Sunday, please come to Folkkungagatan 44 and buy awesome feminist stuff <3

Nu på Söndag kommer det hållas en Feministisk Höstmarknad på Folkkungagatan 44 i Stockholm! Det kommer säljas allt från konst till keramik till kläder till serier, och jag kommer vara där och sälja lite av varje!

Jag gillar ju att rita och måla, va, så jag kommer ta med lite akvarellbilder till försäljning, priser mellan 100-600 kr! Lite rymd, lite coola brudar, lite katter och lite fula ord, hoppas det smakar :)

Jag kommer även ta med mig lite smycken och nyckelringar gjorda i akryl med bland annat dessa kristallmotiv!

Jag har även gjort lite stickerskartor med peppiga budskap, bland annat dessa skönheter :)

Och jag är ju serietecknare, så självklart kommer jag ta med mig några SPEJS, min röjjiga rymdopera med majoritet kvinnliga karaktärer i huvudrollen! :)

Jag har även ETT exemplar kvar av Swedish Comic Sin, som innehåller ett gäng bra erotiska serier! Någon lycklig person kommer kunna köpa den för en femtiolapp (kostar annars en hunka), kommer det bli du?

Och självklart kommer det finnas en massa annat götta på mitt bord, med priser mellan 5kr-600kr, så något för alla ;) Väl mött på Söndag <3

Confuzzled 2017

At the end of May, me and Memokkeen visited Birmingham and the furry con Confuzzled! I had never been in the UK before, and never visited a furry con! I really didn’t knew what to expect, but Memo told me that it was a friendly community, so I decided to tag along :)

First off was the travel day! As I was traveling from a Schengen country and did a 55 minute transfer in the Netherlands, I was nervous about missing the flight, but everything went really smooth at Schiphol Airport, despite having to go through passport checks and whatnot. As you can see, the weather in Stockholm and Birmingham were pretty similar! Also, it was kinda nice that the people of Birmingham joked around about this being their only day of summer, as we pull the same jokes over here when the weather gets really warm :D

When I finally arrived to Birmingham, I had a really hard time finding the Hilton Hotel though. First off, I didn’t know about the monorail, which would have saved me a lot of time – instead I was lugging around my 20 kg bag around Birmingham airport for maybe 1,5 hours before I finally found my way to the hotel XD Oh well, I guess I should have checked up these stuff better!

I arrived at the hotel at 3PM, and mine and Memo’s room wasn’t ready to check in yet. I had to wait for about 2 hours before I could check in, and in the meantime, I got some WifFi, free booze tickets and a chance to check out the crowd of the con as they arrived :)

At 5 PM, I finally got to check in to room, and shortly after Memo finally arrived! She was supposed to get here earlier than me, but her flight had some problems and yeah, delayed flight! But right after she had checked in, we went to the bar to use the booze tickets and just hang out!

Confuzzled is a pretty long con, it lasts Friday-Tuesday, but the Dealer’s Den part is only open between Friday-Monday until lunch. But that was pretty cool, then I got the opportunity to check out some panels and just hang out if I wanted to! We could set up our table on Friday already though, which was pretty convenient! Also, I really enjoyed to get a second badge and lanyard, it felt like I was dual-classing ;D

Our table in the Dealers’ Den was pretty epic! Memo has this super heavy, but awesome grid system which helps you to make the most out of your table, and she was kind enough to share half the grid with me <3 I brought some pearl-like garlands and book stands at least..? ^^;

If I compare this con to Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival, I sold so-so. But compared to Comic Con Stockholm, which has a LOT longer days and probably about as many/maybe even more visitors, I sold better at Confuzzled, which at first seems a bit shocking, no? But I think the crowd at Confuzzled are older, has more money to spend and also expects a Dealers’ Den! The Artist Alley at Stockholm Comic Con is kind of lame and it feels like people find it by chance 8D But yeah, sales-wise, it’s probably one of my better conventions if we don’t count Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival (‘cuz it’s hard to beat)!

As previously said, I had NO idea on what to expect from this con, so brought way too many comics, haha ^^; I actually got some sold, which is kinda cool since this is by no means a comic convention (and I’m not making a furry comic either). However, I got some of my inktober pieces I made last year sold (yay!) and also got some commissions done!

I’m really happy, because the people who asked me for commissions came with exactly the kind of commissions/characters I wanted to do, which made me super happy! I had lots of fun with these, as you might’ve noticed ;)

I also bought a few things during the con! Mostly stickers and mini prints (because I love that kind of stuff), but also some cute lil’ fluffy keychain and a nice skull necklace (glow in the dark ofc!).

In general, I kinda liked the food I found during my stay (I think I could find vegetarian alternatives every time, even though I decided to eat the sushi to left made out of actual fish), even though British food didn’t like me XD I’m a bit worried how my tummy will handle food this week as I’m going to London, and in September when I go to Leeds XD

But all in all, I had a blast at this con! I had no idea what to expect, but people were really friendly, and I was nothing but impressed by peoples’ fursuits! I didn’t take any photos myself, but here’s a flickr album by user Sean C that displays a lot of the fursuit talent I saw at the con! People at the Dealers’ Den were super talented as well! I’m so used to comic conventions where people usually makes comics and prints, but the range at this con were a lot wider! Yes, a lot of prints and artbooks, but also plushies, fursuit parts, collars/jewelries and even dildos (do I need to say that a con like this is 18+?)!

Also, hanging out with Memo was a blast! I think we understood each other’s needs and gave each other space and such when needed! I’m very happy that I got the chance to hang out with her more at this con, and I’m happy that I actually went with her for this experience :)

All in all, I had a great time at Confuzzled! It’s a con I’d probably like to visit again sometime, but probably together with someone I know since you’re living at a hotel and need to share your room with someone!

I’ll take a break from going to conventions for a few months now and next up is Thought Bubble in Leeds together with NellyAnna and Viktor!


Some impressions from SIS 2017

Hi there, it feels like I’m very late to the reporting party, but I’ve been more or less drained after my two conventions (SIS 2017 and Confuzzled 2017). However, i thought it could be nice with a short little blog post about each con, so I’ll start off with Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival 2017!

First off, me and 8 other awesome comic artists had an exhibition in Gamla Stan, starting on Friday! The vernissage was a success, a lot of people attended, and everyone seemed to have a great time :)

This was my part of the exhibition – my theme was SPEJS, space and fabolousness :) I’m still very much in love with the paintings I made, and even though I didn’t sell anything, I’m happy with the stuff I made :)

Saturday was the first day of the Small press Expo part of the festival, and I joined my friend Magic, whom I shared the table with, and we set up our table.  I think it turned out nice, even though my side is very very cluttered lol :D

I really enjoy sharing a table, because that automatically gives you a table buddy that can help keeping an eye on your side of the table if you need to eat a sandwitch, take a toilet break and whatnot. Also, it’s really nice to have someone to talk to, and Magic was a really nice person to have a conversation with, which made the days go a lot faster than anticipated :D

The Saturday evening was spent eating out with some friends and watching the Tom of Finland movie – a very well spent evening :)

As I’ve been visiting this comic festival for about ten years (but not tabled every year), I’ve started to recognize a lot of other awesome indie comic artists (and usually they recognize me). It’s kind of like one big family reunion and I sometimes wish there were one more day of just hanging out more haha :D I’m also happy that I almost every year seem to learn to know someone new (or say hi to someone I’ve only talked to on twitter etc), so yay for that! :)

As always, I’m buying soo many new awesome comics during the festival! To be honest, I have barely started reading anything yet because wow, the first 6 months have really taken a toll on my energy reserves…but I’m really, really looking forward to reading everything during my vacation <3

I actually did sell pretty well during this convention, about as well as last year (even a little better heh), which was very surprising since it was the week before payday in Sweden and the weather was soooo good – who wants to be inside and buy comics when it’s the first sunny & warm weekend in Stockholm in like forever?! But yeah, people got the newest chapter of my comic SPEJS, and some people actually contacted me back and gave me some really nice comments about it afterwards, I feel so blessed!

For instance, Elisabeth’s loot video for Raidkommissionen, had a small notice about SPEJS #3, check it out!

Also, Karrey gave SPEJS some really nice words on twitter:

And that’s it from SIS17! I really enjoyed this year’s festival, even though it always feels a bit short! Next up will be a post on how Confuzzled 2017 went, stay tuned!

Dod you go to SIS this year, what was your impressions?

Report from Örebro Seriefestival


As I still have it in my head, I thought I could do a quick re-cap of my weekend at Örebro Seriefestival. This was the first year the festival was held and I really didn’t know what to expect, and considering my tabling adventures in Helsinki was a disaster this year, I decided to have very low expecations and just be happy if I covered the table costs. Also, I wanted to focus on meeting my comic buddies Yvette, Anna, Nelly and Viktor and just have a good time!


I decided to go to Örebro at Friday directly after work. I arrived at 7pm and managed to get some dinner together with Nelly and Viktor, which was super nice! My hotel room was a small one-bed story, but the bed was soft and the bathroom was fresh (and hotel breakfast! How I love thee, hotel breakfast!), so it was everything I needed.


Saturday morning, I sat up my table. This is the first time since GothCon this year that I had a table all for myself, so I decided to go crazy and decorate it in a very fabulous manner ;)

One thing I was a bit nervous about was that I brought 40 of my sketchbooks and wanted to go home with none. The thing is that I had run out of business cards, and decided to hand out the sketchbook to people instead. It seemed to work, people got a better look at my art/sketches and my bags got significally lighter, so I’m happy ;) Also, the bestseller on my table was SPEJS, I sold about as much as I had planned to sell (even though I always bring a few more just in case). While it would have been nice to sell 1 or 2 of the Swedish Comic Sin anthology (because they’re heavy!), I am super happy and grateful about the interest of my own story! It made me very encouraged to continue working on chapter three (which is going to be the longest chapter this far!)!


Sunday was a shorter day and a lot slower, but as usual with these kind of cons, I was expecting that. I was walking around a lot, talking to other creators and just chilling.


The market place was divided into two floors. Some people maybe didn’t find their way up to us indie creators, but I was positively surprised by the amount of customers that found their way up. Also, it was kinda fun to look down at the floor where the guests and more established creators were found, and I took a “paparazzi photo” of Lasse Åberg taking a photo of Kim W Andersson XD

All in all, I did enjoy the festival! As usual when you’re selling ‘zines, you’re a bit sad that you easily can’t escape your table and look at the talks held during the festival, but you can’t be everywhere all the time sadly. I hope there will be a next year for the festival, because I’d really like to come back to Örebro again. Kudos to the crew who made the festival, were really friendly and helpful before and during the festival, and I hope you were happy with the arrangement yourselves :)

I’ve talked a lot with my Swedish comic-creating buddies and we all agree that it would be awesome with more Swedish comic festivals than Stockholm’s International Comics Festival in May, especially now when it’s a super sweaty business to get a table (this year they sold out in less than 5 hours!). To me as a comic creator who wants to mainly focus on my own stories and characters, conventions like Närcon and Comic Con Stockholm isn’t ideal, so I rather go to conventions for comic enthusiasts. I think Örebro would be a great addition to Sweden’s comic festivals, we really need one during fall, so I really hope this will happen again :)


Finally, this is my small loot from the festival! To my defense, I had bought a lot of my friends’ comics before, but I’m glad I found some new artists to like! The comics are made by Olivia Skoglund and Sigrid Rudnert, the illustration is by Yvette, the stickers by Nelly and finally the ear rings are made by Sea.

Did you go to Örebro Seriefestival, and what was your thoughts about it?

SPEJS @ Helsinki Comics Festival 2016!


Hey hey hey! On Saturday I’ll be at Helsinki Comics Festival, selling SPEJS and other things! This year, the festival is held at Kansalaistori, still very central, and I think it’ll be awesome! <3

This year, I’ll be sharing tables and hang out with the awesome Karrey who makes the awesome comic The Din which she will bring to the table, and Agzie who has a TON of awesome merch you just have to check out! <3


I will of course bring SPEJS! New for this year is that chapter 1 is now in color, and I’ll also bring chapter 2! Each book will be 6 € each, or buy both chapters for 10 € :)


I will also bring my sketchbook, which you’ll get for for 2 €. 28 pages with doodles from my sketchbook adventures I do on my daily commuting to work :)



I’ll bring a limited amount of merch too! A few of my A5 SPEJS prints, and a few Ragna and Gav (and Sebbe the cat) charms and necklaces! I didn’t print many of these, and they actually glow in the dark, so this is an awesome opportunity to get an unique and cute charm/piece of jewelry in true 90’s nostalgia fashion! ;)

As an added bonus, I will also bring a VERY limited amount of Diana’s christmas story (in Swedish) to the table. It’s absolutely adorable, and a great gift for any Swedish speaking person!

So yeah, remember, if you’re in Helsinki on Saturday, please swing by Helsinki Comics Festival and say hi! <3

Oslo Comics Expo 2016


So, last weekend, me and the boyfriend went on a five hour train trip to Oslo. One of my goals was to check out the Oslo Comics Expo, but also to check out Oslo in general an have a mini vacation :) We had booked a room at First Hotels Grims Grenka, a super design-y hotel, but the room price was cheap, so it was all good :) Very nice staff, good service & WiFi and all in all a pleasant hotel stay.


We did some touristy stuff like following Havnepromenaden from Aker Brygge to the Opera house, took a photo with the tiger at the central station and visited the Comics Library (where the festival later would take place). The comics library is suuuuper cozy, located in the top floor of the Grünerløkka library. It had like small walk-in-closets dedicated to different genres, like manga or Disney for instance, and it was so nice and quiet there during the middle of the day when we visited. We also visited Outland, the Norwegian version of Science Fiction book store, which was a huge nerdfest, and I really appreciated that the store was so big and airy, and had a LOT of comics and books! And all in all, Oslo is a really nice city that mixes old architecture with really cool and spacey new buildings. They also love their Tesla (and other electrical) cars! But everything is super expensive, especially eating out XD


Later on Friday, we went to the opening of Oslo Comics Expo. They opened with a little children’s orchestra playing some songs (cute!) and presenting the guests, and after that, there was some mingling and looking at an exhibition while waiting for the market to open. The market is VERY small, I’d say smaller than the main tent at Helsinki Comics Festival, and in Oslo, this small tent housed both small press and bigger publishers, as well as some comics shops. It was a really cozy little festival, but I am still wondering…if I didn’t know that there was a comics festival in Oslo that weekend, would I have known? I saw absolutely nothing about Oslo Comics Expo in central Oslo, and as I tried to find to the Grünerløkka library, I didn’t see any signs pointing there or anything. I’d love to see more advertising about this, and maybe some helpful hints on how to get there (especially on the festival’s site, would it have hurt to put up an actual adress to the library for us non-Norwegians? ;)). But that’s my only complaint about the festival, the rest of the festival was a really nice experience. Everyone that was tabeling that I dared to talk to were super friendly and told me all I needed to know about the comics they were selling, which was nice :)


Since Norwegian and Swedish is pretty much alike I bought a few comics in Norwegian. I haven’t read them all yet, but I really enjoyed Ninjaduck by Bård Lilleøien, it was the right amount of sillyness and violence and I laughed out loud at a lot of stuff. Well worth the buy!

über is a series of anthologieswith different themes. I bought the fantasy edition and really liked the variety of comics!

I talked a bit with the creators of the web comic HELL(P), which were very friendly! I bought a prequel-story, drawn by a bunch of different artists, and it was a really nice introduction to their comic, and I will most definitely read more of it!

Joan Cornellà was one of the guests during the festival, and while I was visiting the tent I noticed that he was going to sign, so I took the chance and got one of his books, signed and all :) I’ve only seen his stuff on facebook for a shorter time, so I’m not a long-time fan or anything, but I thought it’d be nice to support his work since I really like it :)


And look at this epic little signature :D

But yeah, all in all, a really nice festival, I’d most definitely visit it again!

Now I’ll probably not visit any festivals until September – I need to prepare some comics for some anthologies and do a re-print of SPEJS #2…;)

Convention season has just started for me

Hey people! I’ve been a bit cramped with school work this week (final assignment yo!), so I haven’t had time to blog during my free time. But I’ve managed to sign myself up to yet another comic convention! :D

So last year, I visited Stockholm’s International Comics Festival, Helsinki Comics Festival and Stockholm Comic Con. My goal for this year was to table at at least three conventions as well. This far I’ve been tabling at Gothcon during easter and Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival. I still have a few more to attend, let’s check them out:


First up is Oslo Comics Expo. Due to some trouble with my mails getting stuck in their spam filter (Swedish is apparantly a spam language in Norway, lol!) I didn’t get a table at first, and when I got one I had already booked my trip in a way that I couldn’t have a table. So yeah, I’ll only visit this, no tabling :) But I’ll be fun to examine how this festival looks like!


Helsinki Comics Festival is next one up! I was here last year and had no idea what I was doing and didn’t sell much, but this year I’ll be tabling together with Karrey and Agz, and I’ll only be tabling at Saturday, so the Sunday will be free to explore the festival and Helsinki :)


I wasn’t really planning on doing Stockholm Comic Con this year again, but I talked a bit with Memokeen, creator of Cockblock Kitties, and we decided to share a table, so here I am doing this spectacle again :D See you in Kista?


And finally, there’s a new Swedish comic festival in town and it’s located in Örebro! Tables are super cheap, Örebro isn’t too far from Stockholm, and yeah, why not? :D See you in Örebro by the end of November then?

I know that there are a few more bigger festivals I could attend, like AltCom and Närcon (both during the same weekend at the end of July), but I’ll probably not attend any of those this year.

So yeah, that’s the rest of my convention year. How does your convention plans look like?

Pro tip: If you’re Swedish, I’d like to recommend both Underlandet that lists a lot of comic conventions in Sweden and around the world. Konvent.se is also a good source to find some smaller conventions!

SIS16 – The loot


Oh jeez, so much stuff bought during this year’s SIS (and it felt like I missed a bunch, argh! XD)!

Let’s see, first off, I bought a bunch of art books from various artists, such as Diana, Agz, Sara, JenniLina, Pamurai, Team Pärvelö, Sillyfork and Pinkpolenta, and they were all awesome!

Since I have a comic in Home Made Comics #16, I actually got that one for free (or in exchange of my comic’s contribution, if you like)! It’s a big mix of comics, and I really enjoyed a great bunch of them in this issue, so you should totally go and get it yourself!

I also got Plutonium Comics #12, which also is a great comics anthology, and I really enjoyed a great deal of the comics in that book too! You should get it yourself if you haven’t already!

Two other anthologies I got was Swedish Comic Sin #1 (gotta catch them all!) and Väsen, an anthology with folk lore as a theme. The quality felt a bit uneven in Väsen – some were really gorgeous and great and some were more so-so. I don’t know, maybe I had too high hopes on this ^^; I really liked the effort and theme though and would love to see a similar anthology sometime!

I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get around to hang out with Li as much, but this year’s SIS was a bit more stressful, I think. I’m super glad that I got her latest Agnosis, and the printed version of her “Destroyer of Light” (and thank you so much for the signature!)! I really like her take on the Greek myths, and I’m so glad to see the Persephone story being picked up by a publisher, because it’s great!

Another book I’m really glad I picked up was Tinet Elmgren‘s “Sockerärter“! Such gorgeous water colour paintings and a beautiful story! <3 And as a special perk, the cutest little piggy portrait of me as a part of her signature :)

I also really enjoyed Tomas Antila‘s latest ‘zine (princess Madelene and angst!). Stef Gaines had a really nice ‘zine where she collected her five latest hourly comics. Daniel Lenneér’s latest ‘zines about Nogi and Beskôddarna delivered the right amount of sillyness and violence that I need in my life. Irma’s comic Cosmical worked really nice in the square format and was the right combination of education and entertainment :) Also, I managed to get both “Raedus” and “Myling” by Yossra, which were both very well reccomended reads!

Some new comics that I really enjoyed too were Nelly’s “Beyond the ordinary“, Mimosa’s “Cockblock Kitties“, Gabbi’s “Vienda“, Adelaide Tasker’s “Thora the Destroyer”, Olivia’s “Myska and the Dragon“, Jesper’s Touhou Project doujinshi, Ebba’s comic “Djinns” and Stina’s comic “The Thief and the Egg”! They’re all comics and artists you should really check out! :)

So yeah, I think those were the highlights from my loot, sorry if I left someone out! All in all, I really enjoyed all the comics I got! What were your favourite comics from this year’s SIS?

SIS16 – the report


This report is a bit late, but I had to get ahead on school work, got some con crud and has just been tired the past two weeks, but better late than never, eh? ;) But yeah, me and Sara shared a table at Stockholms International Comics Festival, and it felt really good to have a table buddy so you could make errands without closing the whole shop, and also the price for the actual table went down a notch, which was an added bonus :) We also had our table next to Jenni and Nathalie who were both friendly and fun table neighbours :)


This is how my half of the table looked like on Sunday! Please notice that SPEJS #1 got sold out! ;) Pretty compact, but containing both comics, prints and jewelry! And also some pony-fied versions of Swagata and Morwen, which got some attention, yay! I’ll probably add a blog post about them later on, it’s been sitting in my drafts for a while.

As always with SIS, it’s like a reunion party for Swedish comic artists, and it’s really hard to do everything as a small press comic artist – sit by your table and sell, meet people you seldom meet and check out all the great seminars during the event! Sometimes I wish there was one more day of SIS without the market, but with more seminars and such, and maybe reprise some of those during the market days..? Time flies by so fast, and at 4PM on Sunday you realize it’s only one more hour left and you haven’t done all you wanted to do yet ^^; Oh wells! But all in all, I must say that I really liked the arrangement of this year’s SIS, the areas seemed more roomy, the shedule was packed with awesome stuff and I had a really great time! Kudos to Kulturhuset!

This year though, sales seemed to be extremely slow for me on Sunday, so I left the table a few times to get a book signed and to walk around the expo. I actually brought a bunch of SPEJS #2 with me and did some ‘zine trading, which proved to be quite successful! I really like that ‘zine trading is an actual thing on SIS, and most people seem okay with it :)

But yeah, some stats for me this year:

  • SPEJS #1 sold out! Yay, I need to do some re-printing!
  • Counting the amount of sold/traded SPEJS #1 and SPEJS #2 books, 49 books got new homes! It actually makes me very happy that SPEJS could interest so many people, and that they liked part 1 enough to buy part 2 <3
  • My sketch book didn’t sell that well at all..! ^^; Oh well, it was worth a try! Maybe it’ll do better at other conventions. I’d like to do more sketch books though, but maybe with more decided themes. We’ll see though, I need to sell more of this sketchbook before I can justify printing more, I think :D
  • Same with prints, last year I sold a lot of prints, but this year basically none. A bit of a bummer too, but I guess I’ll get them sold eventually :)
  • …and same with my poor poor glow-in-the-dark-charms XD Oh well!
  • My magic potion/bottle necklaces on the other hand sold really well, hehe :D

But all in all, I’m really glad that my comics were the best selling item on my table, so thank you all for buying and telling me, both in person and on twitter/social media, that you enjoyed them, it means a lot! <3

On Wednesday I’ll talk a bit more of the comics I bought this year!

SIS 2016, this Saturday-Sunday!


Hear ye, hear ye! This weekend is Stockholm International Comics Festival at Kulturhuset! This year’s theme is Sci-Fi and realism, and it’s going to be quite awesome! So if you’re in Stockholm this weekend, I urge you to go to Kulturhuset, there’s no entrance fee to get inside the festival and take part of all the awesomeness!

As always, there’s a small press expo at Floor 3 (you have to take a few escalators up), and it’s packed with so much talent and awesome indie comics, don’t miss it out!


For instance, I and Sara Berntsson will share a table quite close to the entrance, so make sure you come by and say hi! Sara will sell her awesome new ‘zine while I will bring my SPEJS ‘zines to the table :D We’ll also have a bunch of Swedish Comic Sin for you awesome people thirsting for some erotica ;)


I tested out how my part of the table could look like, and it will probably look more or less like this :) As you see, a lot of awesome stuff everywhere, don’t miss it out! :)

I’d also like to recommend two other tables if you’d like to get hold of more comics I’ve made! First off, go and get Home Made Comics #16! I have made a comic that’s only available in that anthology, and it’s PACKED with other awesome comics, so I urge you to go and have a look at their table:

Här hittar du #homemadecomics under #SIS!

A photo posted by Home Made Comics (@pogono) on

Also, Dotterbolaget have three tables in Hörsalen as well, and Dotterbolaget Stockholm’s made a ‘zine about being alone where I have contributed with two pages, check it out! :)


If you want a full map with all the exhibitors, you can find it here!

And here’s a schedule with everything that’ll happend during the weekend! Such excite!

So, remember:

  • This weekend
  • Stockholm International Comics Festival
  • Kulturhuset in Stockholm
  • No entrance fee
  • Awesome comics
  • Come to table F21 :D


Gothcon XL – the aftermath

So, I’ve finally found the time to write up my Gothcon XL post! :) One week ago, I was visiting Gothenburg, having no idea what I’d put myself through. It has ben years since I last traveled by train, and SJ in particular, mainly because previous experiences have been bad with downgraded seats, horrible personel etc, so I was a bit nervous about that too! But the train rides went well, I found my hotel when arriving to Gothenburg, and those parts were awesome.


Just lookit the cozy hotel interior!

Gothcon itself was located at Hvidtfeldska Gymnasiet, a big school, and was divided into several house buildings. The Artist Alley was seated in the building where you had the majority of the shops and stores of different kinds, which makes sense. The only weird thing in my opinion was that there were two artist alleys, one located in a room, just like some shops, and one alley (the one I sat in) was located in a corridor, but on another floor. Of what I understood, they had to place some of us in a corridor because they were running out of space, which is fine for me (the air felt much better in the corridor than in those rooms anyways), but I was wondering if we couldn’t have been placed at the same floor as the rest of the shops. Sure, we were at the same  floor as the smaller café and some game publishers, but we were so far apart that it felt like we were almost forgotten ^^; Maybe for next year, we could bring some large posters to put up, announcing there’s more of the artist alley at another floor, or maybe have us at the same floor, but still in the corridor? Maybe we couldn’t be on that floor for safety reasons though, I’m not sure :)

On the other hand, this is not a comic-themed con, and despite that, I sold more comics and stuff in general than at Helsinki Comics Festival, so that’s something ;)


I pretty much had the same setup as on Stockholm Comic Con, with some adjustments in pricing (and I had necklaces this time around!). I filled up my 140cm table quite well,and I really had to re-think how to present stuff for SIS when I’ll be sharing a table, haha :D

But yeah, the con was a pretty nice experience! I had a pretty rough week before I went to Gothenhurg, and it came back to me for a bit, but other than that, I think Gothcon was well worth the visit! I got to meet Yvette, Agnes, Monika and Mims, whom I don’t see very often, and that’s always a treat! and I’d love to come back to Gothcon’s Artist Alley another year :)


And of course, I had to buy some comics from the other Artist Alley people!

Roll real Dice by Viktor Engholm – a cute story about the joys of role playing.

Zak & Ting – Orienterarna by Yvette – I really like the dynamic between Zak & Ting, and even though I don’t care much for orienteering, this is a really cute story with a super-cute ending, aww <3

Monika’s Inkbook – made during last year’s Inktober. Everything looks so nice in this little inkbook, I love it!

Tavarsia – a print version of a web comic by Charlotte Sandmael. As I am super bad at reading web comics, it’s a lot easier for me to pick up on a comic if there’s a printed version of it, and welp, these two volumes got me hooked! I really like the setting, the characters and the use of pronouns in this comic, everything is right up my alley! I’m probably super late to the party, but yeah I’m definitely going to read up on the rest online! :)


I also got myself some art :)

A super nice flexing Iron Bull by Viktor (I feel sorry for my boyfriend, all these images of flexing dudes, ahaha XD)

A super cute otter by Ida Öhnell

A super nice print by Lina that I really liked when I saw on her Instagram…and I’m so glad she made a print of it. Instant-buy! <3


I also bought this nice bow-tie from my Artist Alley neighbour. I’m not sure if she had an online store or something for these, but they were so cute! I need to get myself more shirts so I can wear it <3

My other Artist Alley-neighbour Olivia made some cool necklaces, and I had to buy two. Also, a little Discord pin, because you can’t have enough Discord ;)

Finally, I bought some sparkly stickers and a cute print from Mims! It’s the main characters from her comic Cockblock Kitties, which I’d recommend anyone to read who likes BL, cats and slapstick!

And yeah, that’s my haul from Gothcon! Next up is Stockholm’s International Comics Festical for me! I just need to get the new comics from the printer and I’m all set! :D

SPEJS at Gothcon XL!


Hey people! Tomorrow it’s time for Gothcon XL, a role playing and board gaming con that has been around for 40 years. It’s held at Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet in Gothenburg, and it’s rumoured to be bigger and “extra everything” this year!


It’ll be my first time there, and I’ll hang out in the Artist Alley and sell the first issue of SPEJS together with Swedish Comic Sin 5!


Some splendid news is also that I finally know the printing costs for SPEJS #2 and will take pre-orders for anyone interested! I’ll send the PDF to the printer after Easter and mail any pre-orders as soon as I’ve got them from the printer :)


I still have some awesome glow in the dark charms left, so I’ll be selling those as keyrings, necklaces and ear rings, so there is something for everyone :)


And since Gothcon seems like such an intense con, I’ll bring a few potions along for you to buy as a necklace ;)

There will also be some A6 prints, stickers, pins and maybe even some original art?!? Who knows! :D I’m really stoked to go to Gothenburg, and I hope to see you there! :)

GothCon XL and Stockholm’s International Comics Festival 2016

So hey, last year I exhibited at three conventions (Stockholm’s International Comic Festival, Helsinki Comics Festival and Comic Con Stockholm), and I really want to exhibit at at least three this year as well, and preferably a few more conventions outside of Stockholm.


The first convention I’ll exhibit in this year will be GothCon XL during the Easter weekend (March 25th-27th) in Gothenburg, Sweden. GothCon is more of a board game and role playing game convention, celebrating it’s 40th convention this year, but they’ll have an Artist Alley where you will find me! :) I will sell SPEJS #1, Swedish Comic Sin and other art by me!


And May 7th-8th, it’s finally Stockholm’s International Comics Festival again! This year’s poster is made by Kim W Andersson and the themes for this year’s festival are realism and sci-fi! The tables for the festival was booked up within 40 minutes of their release, which is super crazy! Last year I had a table all by myself, but this year I’ll share it with the super awesome Sara Berntsson! By this time I’ll most likely had the time to print the second SPEJS book too, so look forward to that! :)

I’ll probably talk more about these festivals as they come closer, but I just wanted to quickly announce my presence at these two festivals to begin with :)

Which conventions are you going to exhibit at this spring? What conventions are you looking forward to this year? :)

Jenny at Veddesta Loppis!

Feeling bored this Saturday? Come over to Veddesta Centrum (Veddestavägen 13) and visit Veddesta Loppis, open 10-14! I’ll bring a few old toys I hope can find a new home together with some of my art work! :)


I’ll bring my post cards! 20 SEK each, take three for 50 SEK!


I will also bring charms and ear rings that glow in the dark!


I’ve re-designed the charms a bit and made them into keychains!


I will also bring a bunch of stickers!


I will also bring my comic SPEJS for anyone interested :)

See you tomorrow in Veddesta, okay? ;)

Stockholm Comic Con – the aftermath!


During the Halloween weekend, me and Anna Landin shared a table at Stockholm Comic Con, with the wonderful Jenni Luna Söderlund next to us! Anna was promoting her comic Grassblades and sold out her awesome comic Fathoms of the Sky (so glad I already bought one before it sold out!!!) and I was selling my sci-fi-lattjolajban-comic SPEJS and Swedish Comic Sin together with a lot of mini prints/post cards, charms and other fun stuff :)

Since I didn’t sell well in Helsinki, I didn’t expect much! I tried to take some selling lessons from Yvette, but I have a long way to go. For my personality type, it’s always easier to promote other’s stuff :D I’m glad that Jenni directed some of her customers to my comic though, I owe her so much for that <3 I am also very grateful that some twitter friends (and IRL friends!) dropped by and bought stuff from me, and I really hope they enjoy my stuff :) I was really touched to see the ever so stylish Sanna frame my Solas print! So yeah, THANK YOU all who showed up and bought stuff, or just stopped by and liked what you saw, talked some Bioware/Dragon Age with me (especially you who understood my Cassandra/Varric shipping! <3 And the awesome girls with super nice Garrus tattoos!), I love to speak with fellow Bioware fans :) And I was so happy to see so many kids who watched (and liked) Steven Universe, both boys and girls :D


And what is a Comic Con without awesome cosplays?!? I loved the fact that there were so many vault dwellers, especially when they had a meetup and took a photo next to the Fallout mascot (sorry, I don’t know enough about the Fallout games to know the right terms XD). My friends Anders and Sanna made both super fab Fallout cosplays! I also spotted two sets of the tenth doctor and Donna (one with the wedding gown and the right attitude), a super awesome Lumpy Space Princess that went “whateverrr” when I complimented her (loved it!), a LOVELY Steveonnie, a pretty badass Vincent Valentine and a super cheerful Captain America amongst others :)

All in all, I had a pretty awesome time, andd even though I didn’t sell as well as on SIS, the atmosphere was pretty damn good, I really liked Friends Arena for this kind of event (not too hot and there was actually air in the Artist Alley the whole day), they had put the Artist Alley in a very good spot on the con floor, and yeah, thumbs up to the Comic Con people!


I didn’t have much time to run around at Comic Con, but I managed to speak with some people in the Artist Alley! Behind me and Jenni was Mims and Maaria from Finland. They were both really nice and it’s really great to broaden your horizons and find fun, friendly and talented people outside your geographical zone :) Mims made the super cute print with Steven and the chrystal gems and also those adorable originals with freya and Sokka <3 Maaria made the prints with Adult Steven (I have actually swooned over that on tumblr before, so I was so happy to tell her IRL that I really loved that artwork!), and also that Utena print, together with the web comic Phantomland :)

There were some really talented artists who did amazing paintings in Artist Alley as well! Two of them were Henrik Rosenborg and Staffan Alsparr which I bought some prints from!

I finally dared to speak with Sajan Rai, which I saw at Helsinki Comic Con drawing sloth portraits! I have only called him “the sloth guy” before, so it was fun to actually say hi and get one of his comics! It was mostly Childish Butt-vomit, but if you like ridiculous stuff (like I do), you should take a peek! :D

I also bought some stuff from my lovely neigbours, Jenni and Anna, and I wish i had bought more! But at least I got myself Jenni’s awesome Amethyst sticker and one of Anna’s gorgeous prints! I also got an awesome drawing of Fawn and Qui Ra’d since I doodled in her doodlebook <3 So awesome!!!

I also decided to support manga translated to swedish and bought all available volumes of Rans Magiska Värld from Ordbilder Media :)


Oh, and these ear rings? They look like green tentacle from maniac mansion/day of the tentacle, and they ROCK! I got them from Smallblacksticky!

So yeah, not a large haul, but now I need to get myself some more frames at least XD We had a few walls that looked so naked, so why not? ;)

Dod you go to Comic Con Stockholm? What were your impressions?

Jenny at Comic Con Stockholm


Hey people, this weekend is Comic Con Gamex at Friends Arena in Stockholm! There will be an Artist Alley near the entrance and yes, I will be there and share a table with the totally awesome Anna Landin! We will both sell awesome comics with grumpy protagonists, prints, charms and whatnot :)


As you can see, the Artist Alley is close to the entrance, near Webbhallen and Bandai Namco. We’ll sit in the corner close to Webbhallen and one of the entrances. You can’t miss it :) Next to our table you’ll also find the awesome artist Jenni Luna Söderlund, and you should most def. check her stuff out too!


For everyone who hasn’t got my comics yet, here’s your chance! SPEJS (my awesome Lattjolajban-sci-fi-urban-fantasy-kickass-girl-comic) is 40 SEK, Swedish Comic Sin 5 is 100 SEK. Buy both for 120 SEK :)


New at my table will be charms and ear rings! Small charms are 30 SEK, big are 50SEK. Small ear rings are 70 SEK for one pair, big ear rings are 110 SEK for one pair :)


I will have a bunch of new mini prints/post cards for sale! They are 20 SEK each :)


And finally stickers!I have a bunch of new ones of these and they’re 10 SEK each :)

Hope to see you there! Please come by and say hi to us :D

Helsinki Comics Festival 2015 – the aftermath

So, as you might’ve guessed, I was at Helsinki Comics Festival last weekend ;) I had a table at the Small press heaven on Saturday and Sunday and managed to get a seat next to Stina Lövkvist and Tomas Antila. Yay, team Stockholm! :D


This is how the table looked like the first day. I had too little stuff for the table, haha ;) The pitch stand-up thingies were a good idea in theory, but since we were outside (and it was a bit windy), I had to give up the initial idea and just lay them down and have the books on top of ’em. I also had one of the more colorful table cloths in the tent since I missed the PM that they should be black ;D I was also really grateful that the people working at the festival offered us sunscreen- at the end of the day, I got all the sunlight in helsinki on my right arm, but thanks to SPF50, it didn’t get burnt ;)


This is what my table looked like on day 2! I squeezed together my stuff a bit more in hopes to make people look more, but eh, I am not sure if it worked ^^;

All in all, I didn’t sell that well, but I think that’s expected if it’s you first time on a event like this in a wole new market, so to speak. At least some people bought Swedish Comic Sin, and a lot of people seemed to like my Bioware fan art stuff :) I also sold out on my Aranya-face pins, which was unexpected :D

Will I go to Helsinki’s Comic Festival again? Probably! If not as an exhibitor, at least as a visitor. The festival seemed very nice and had a lot of interesting guests! And I managed to get myself a small comic loot from the other Small Press Heaven exhibitors:


This is what I gathered during my loot:

Anni Keränen – I bought a postcard and took a visit card. i want to check out her BL comic Transfusions!

George The Knight VS Zombies – the guys selling this had me at “ridiculous”. I love ridiculous stuff! I hope it’s as awesome as Viktor Jäderlund’s Abe Z :D

Uni Keko by Tua Musakka

Otus Opus by Myrntai – wow, I really liked her art style! And so many cute owls!

Kuki by Laura Heikkala – another awesome artist with a great style! I was a complete douche and had to ask what “Kuki” meant (since “Kuk” means a whole other thing in Swedish…), and it means “to blossom”. The book is a super beatiful concept though, it has seeds for a few different flowers, and each spread has beautiful flower illustrations and instructions on how to make these flower seeds grow. Such an awesome concept! <3

Goldenbird 3-4 by Ainur Elmgren – I love Ainur’s comic, and I wanted to complete my Goldenbird collection for now :) If you haven’t read her comic yet, you totally should, it has about everything that is awesome!

Gore -Honour & Brains by Miisa Lopperi

Feral Gentry by Anayte & Matti Delahay – these people sat almost next to me and I am so glad I talked to them and were a little awkward (as I always am), because I really thought their comic looked awesome and had a theme and character design I’d enjoy! I look forward to reading this comic!

Hirsute Hazard & Halloween Birthday – Myla was the one selling these comics and was also sitting in the same tent as me. The Hirsute hazard comic was a co-lab while Halloween birthday was her own comic. She is drawing in a really cute style and I look forward to read the comics :)

Thunderbolt by Teemu Närvä and various artists – these comics were, as i understood, sponsored by the Vaasa Energy Institute, and thanks to that, I could also grab ’em for free :) Finnish superhero comics, why not? :D

Läget i December by Seriekollektivet Ritualen – yeah, I know, it’s weird to go to Finland to buy comics from a Swedish comics cooperative, right? ;) But I’ve been a bit interested in their stuff, and now I had a chance to chat a bit with them and get one of their collections of diary comics! I really liked the packaging on this, it’s like a box with a couple of ‘zines in it, so nice!

Stupid Comics by Broci – I really liked this artist’s stuff and I also really like stupid comics, so I went for her tiny ‘zine with the same name, and a post card :D

And yeah, that was my comic haul for this year’s Helsinki Comics Festival! Even though I didn’t sell much, it gave me some inspiration to get me working this fall!

Did you attend the festival and what did you buy?

Jenny at Helsinki Comics Festival 2015!


So, this weekend is the 30th Helsinki Comics Festival, and I’ll be there for the first time and sell my comics! What an awesome year to have my debut :D

I am not yet sure where I will sit, but most likely I’ll end up in a Small press Heaven tent. I am also categorized as an international exhibitor, so I don’t know if I get placed in a special tent, but yeah! I’ll bring very pink books and have a teal table clothing, you probably can’t miss it :)

This is bascially my description for me and my table:

Swedish indie comic artist who likes fun adventures with awesome girls and handsome boys! I’ll bring my Sci Fi-adventure SPEJS and Swedish ComicSin 5 for you all to enjoy!

And here are some sneek peaks on the books I will have on display:



I will also bring a few small prints and such. Hope I will see you in Helsinki this weekend :)

Helsingfors Seriefestival den 28-30 augusti!


Så, hörni, i slutet av Augusti är Helsingfors Seriefestival, med tema Asien och fansin! Lite på trev hörde jag av mig till ansvarige och frågade om bordsplatser (då de var gratis för internationella utställare) och fick mig bordsplas i deras small press heaven-avdelning!

Efter lite vel och bök blev det även flyg och hotell bokat, så festivalen i Helsingfors blir definitivt av för mig i år! Har ni vägarna förbi Helsingfors den 28-30 augusti, kom förbi Ravintola Lasipalatsi  (centrala Helsingfors) och spisa serier!

Jag har ju som mål att ställa ut på fler festivaler än SIS15 i år, och det här är ett steg åt det hållet! Jag är både aspepp och lite nervös :) Någon som varit på Helsingfors Seriefestival förut och kan ge lite tips?