SPEJS #2 is here!


So, I haven’t talked much about SPEJS part 2, haven’t I? I thought I hadn’t done anything BUT talking about it, hehe :D Well, I’ve been working with SPEJS #2 since Christmas more or less, it’s in full colour, stars Swagata and Morwen and takes place at a party!

Swagata Yadav and her colleague Morwen of Gilios are partying at the space station Nejlika while looking for out for a possible burglar that has been stealing artefacts from the pangee lately. Will they find the culprit before it’s too late?

SPEJS #2 is a fun sci-fi adventure by Jenny Hannula, packed with kick-ass women, the colour purple and sparkly transformation sequences. Rock on!

I am quite happy with this chapter since it’s so sparkly and both Swagata and Morwen are such kickass ladies, and I hope you will enjoy it too! I got it from the printer a week ago or so and was a bit nervous about the colours because it was my first time printing in colour, but I think they did a nice job! Here’s a preview of the comic I showcased over at my Instagram account:

Ett filmklipp publicerat av @jennulator

So yeah, I will sell this comic at Stockholm International Comics Festival which happens in a week! It will cost SEK 60, and if you want an extra fancy signing in your copy, you should make a pre-order by Swishing 60 kr, your name and a SPEJS character you’d like me to draw (otherwise I’ll draw anyone that comes up in my mind) to 0730610552.

Can’t come to the festival/don’t live in Stockholm, but want a copy? Swish 73 kr and add your adress and I’ll mail it to you :)

And hey, it looks really fancy next to SPEJS #1, just because I want to show off a little:

Ett foto publicerat av @jennulator

Fan art: Masahiro


Hey hey! Today’s the birthday of awesome artist Anna Landin, and since she made such an awesome Gav for me, and I’ve really wanted to draw her grumpy and awkward samurai-dad Masahiro from her TOTALLY AWESOME web comic Grassblades (for reals, if you haven’t read it yet, do it, you’ll have a blast!), I thought this was an awesome opportunity! So yeah, happy birthday Anna, hope you’ll have a great one :)

Serier för Klimatet – comics for the climate


Oh, look people, I’m in a book! :D Last year, the awesome Malin Svedjeholm asked a lot of comic artists if they wanted to make/donate comics for an anthology about the environment/climate that’d make people more aware of the climate meet in Paris. The actual book wasn’t printed before January, but there has been a blog up at Serier För Klimatet with all the comics available, and thanks to Malin and a lot of the other comic artists, we’ve managed to spread the word through various papers around Sweden (even I got a spot at the very local paper in Vällingby!)


The book looks really nice and is quite big (a bit bigger than A4, I think?) – I’ve never seen my comics printed in a format this big, which is pretty neat!So far, the book has gotten a pretty nice review at the blog Simon Säger. Thanks for the nice words, especially about my comic since I was a bit concious about not being political enough XD

You can buy it at Bokus and Adlibris for quite a reasonable price considering it’s mostly in color. And you’re supporting the climate by buying it since anything the book earns will go to Klimataktion!

Last week’s work


So, decided to take a one week break from working on SPEJS to work on a short comic idea I had. Did some experimenting with a limited palette, and I think it turned out looking pretty good in the end :) Hopefully it’ll be available in the anthology Home Made Comics later this year :)

If you have a comic lying around and it’s in Swedish, you should most def’ consider sending it to Home Made Comics too, the deadline is January 31st! :)

SPEJS – New page is up!


Hey, since it’s been a lot of different holidays, I just want to remind you that there’s a new SPEJS page up today! It’s my space opera web comic, with mainly female main characters, and there are still not many pages up – an excellent chance to catch up on the comic! :)

SPEJS is available on its own web page, tapastic and smackjeeves :)