I love Immortal Nerd!

As I’ve told you earlier, I really like Hanna-Pirita’s comic Immortal Nerd, and was very honored when they asked me if I wanted to make a guest comic and a cover for one of the episodes. Of course I said yes! The cover is shown above and my guest comic can be read here.

Again, if you like queer-friendly, positive and funny stories, you should totally check out Immortal Nerd, it’s an awesome comic! <3

Fan art: Prim (Magic Advisor)


Here’s another fan art and web comic tip! This time I drew Prim, the super fun villan from the web comic Magic Advisor/Magikonsult, yet another comic with a great cast and an awesome sense of humour (with a big sprinkle of the occult)! <3 I took some liberties with her outfit though, but I tried to keep it to a style I think Prim could appreciate :)

Fan art: Pello (Immortal Nerd)


So, recently I’ve been reading the web comic Immortal Nerd, and I really like it! It’s a light hearted sci-fi comic with great humour and a really adorable cast! My favourite must me Pello, the big softie that hates to shower XD  So yeah, here’s a fan art of the dude! If you think he looks interesting, I urge you to check out the comic as well <3

I’ll be selling comics in Stockholm on Sunday!

Hey people! This Sunday it’s time for “The World’s Longest Book Table” in central Stockholm (Drottninggatan). Stockholm’s Comics Library (Serieteket) is arranging a part of this book table and calls it “Comic Street” (Seriegatan), located close to Kulturhuset, where you will find real bargains on comics from Serieteket, and there will be some comic creators and collectives there as well, selling their awesome stuff.


And as a part of Dotterbolaget, I will sell my (and their) comics together with some other awesome people from Dotterbolaget! I will bring SPEJS and Swedish Comic Sin to the table, so if you haven’t got my comic yet and are visiting Stockholm on Sunday, come by and say hi! :)

So, to summarize:

What: Comics Street – awesome comics for awesome prices!

Where: Drottningatan, Stockholm (close to Kulturhuset)

When: 11-17

No entrance fee! Use your money to support indie comic creators instead :)

See you on Sunday!

SIS16 – The loot


Oh jeez, so much stuff bought during this year’s SIS (and it felt like I missed a bunch, argh! XD)!

Let’s see, first off, I bought a bunch of art books from various artists, such as Diana, Agz, Sara, JenniLina, Pamurai, Team Pärvelö, Sillyfork and Pinkpolenta, and they were all awesome!

Since I have a comic in Home Made Comics #16, I actually got that one for free (or in exchange of my comic’s contribution, if you like)! It’s a big mix of comics, and I really enjoyed a great bunch of them in this issue, so you should totally go and get it yourself!

I also got Plutonium Comics #12, which also is a great comics anthology, and I really enjoyed a great deal of the comics in that book too! You should get it yourself if you haven’t already!

Two other anthologies I got was Swedish Comic Sin #1 (gotta catch them all!) and Väsen, an anthology with folk lore as a theme. The quality felt a bit uneven in Väsen – some were really gorgeous and great and some were more so-so. I don’t know, maybe I had too high hopes on this ^^; I really liked the effort and theme though and would love to see a similar anthology sometime!

I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get around to hang out with Li as much, but this year’s SIS was a bit more stressful, I think. I’m super glad that I got her latest Agnosis, and the printed version of her “Destroyer of Light” (and thank you so much for the signature!)! I really like her take on the Greek myths, and I’m so glad to see the Persephone story being picked up by a publisher, because it’s great!

Another book I’m really glad I picked up was Tinet Elmgren‘s “Sockerärter“! Such gorgeous water colour paintings and a beautiful story! <3 And as a special perk, the cutest little piggy portrait of me as a part of her signature :)

I also really enjoyed Tomas Antila‘s latest ‘zine (princess Madelene and angst!). Stef Gaines had a really nice ‘zine where she collected her five latest hourly comics. Daniel Lenneér’s latest ‘zines about Nogi and Beskôddarna delivered the right amount of sillyness and violence that I need in my life. Irma’s comic Cosmical worked really nice in the square format and was the right combination of education and entertainment :) Also, I managed to get both “Raedus” and “Myling” by Yossra, which were both very well reccomended reads!

Some new comics that I really enjoyed too were Nelly’s “Beyond the ordinary“, Mimosa’s “Cockblock Kitties“, Gabbi’s “Vienda“, Adelaide Tasker’s “Thora the Destroyer”, Olivia’s “Myska and the Dragon“, Jesper’s Touhou Project doujinshi, Ebba’s comic “Djinns” and Stina’s comic “The Thief and the Egg”! They’re all comics and artists you should really check out! :)

So yeah, I think those were the highlights from my loot, sorry if I left someone out! All in all, I really enjoyed all the comics I got! What were your favourite comics from this year’s SIS?

Fan art: Masahiro


Hey hey! Today’s the birthday of awesome artist Anna Landin, and since she made such an awesome Gav for me, and I’ve really wanted to draw her grumpy and awkward samurai-dad Masahiro from her TOTALLY AWESOME web comic Grassblades (for reals, if you haven’t read it yet, do it, you’ll have a blast!), I thought this was an awesome opportunity! So yeah, happy birthday Anna, hope you’ll have a great one :)

Serier för Klimatet – comics for the climate


Oh, look people, I’m in a book! :D Last year, the awesome Malin Svedjeholm asked a lot of comic artists if they wanted to make/donate comics for an anthology about the environment/climate that’d make people more aware of the climate meet in Paris. The actual book wasn’t printed before January, but there has been a blog up at Serier För Klimatet with all the comics available, and thanks to Malin and a lot of the other comic artists, we’ve managed to spread the word through various papers around Sweden (even I got a spot at the very local paper in Vällingby!)


The book looks really nice and is quite big (a bit bigger than A4, I think?) – I’ve never seen my comics printed in a format this big, which is pretty neat!So far, the book has gotten a pretty nice review at the blog Simon Säger. Thanks for the nice words, especially about my comic since I was a bit concious about not being political enough XD

You can buy it at Bokus and Adlibris for quite a reasonable price considering it’s mostly in color. And you’re supporting the climate by buying it since anything the book earns will go to Klimataktion!

Last week’s work


So, decided to take a one week break from working on SPEJS to work on a short comic idea I had. Did some experimenting with a limited palette, and I think it turned out looking pretty good in the end :) Hopefully it’ll be available in the anthology Home Made Comics later this year :)

If you have a comic lying around and it’s in Swedish, you should most def’ consider sending it to Home Made Comics too, the deadline is January 31st! :)

SPEJS – New page is up!


Hey, since it’s been a lot of different holidays, I just want to remind you that there’s a new SPEJS page up today! It’s my space opera web comic, with mainly female main characters, and there are still not many pages up – an excellent chance to catch up on the comic! :)

SPEJS is available on its own web page, tapastic and smackjeeves :)

SPEJS web comic is up!


Hey people! Did you know that I decided to start publishing SPEJS online? I will post a new page every Tuesday, and haven’t you already read the comic, I think it’s a good thing to start reading it now :)

There are three ways to read it:

On spejscomic.com

On tapastic

On Smackjeeves

So there’s a way for (almost) every one to keep up with my comic, featuring the grumpiest sniper, the most happy-go-lucky space troll and more! :)

Guest art till Freelancer


Martin Kirby, mannen bakom onlineserien Freelancer (läs den! Koola cheyer i rymden!) behövde lite guest art som rullade på sajten i några veckor medan han jobbade på nästa kapitel, så jag bidrog med en fan art på Elena, en av huvudpersonerna i serien! :) Det var kul att tolka Elena och leka lite med ljus och skugga :) Gjord i Photoshop CS5!

SIS15-fynd: Home Made Comics, Björnen & Prinsen och Agnosis


Så, det här blir min sista SIS15-serierapport och eftersom jag hade ett par fler serier jag ville nämna så buntar jag ihop dem här som en liten söndagskaramell!

Home Made Comics 15

Ola Forssblad är redaktör för Home Made Comics som har funnits sedan 1990. Nummer 15 är dock rykande färsk och innehåller både nya och gamla serier. Det jag tycker är intressant med antologin är att den är så sjukt bred, allt från strippserier till action/superhjälte och manga, typ! Fördelen är att du troligen hittar något som faller i smaken, men nackdelen är detsamma, du kan inte gilla allt :) Men boken är sjukt snygg, i färg och du får mycket serier för pengarna! Mina favoriter var bland andra Yvettes Kalle Hizz, Marcos Gök,  Fia Liens Omi och superhjälten och Kris i SLAHADs universum.

Björnen & Prinsen

Stef Gaines har släppt en serie hon haft med sig hur länge som helst och äntligen lyckats släppa så att man kan läsa den! Spännande! Det är en serie om olycklig kärlek mellan ungdomar som är väldigt fin och ångestig. Jag gillar verkligen det snygga omslaget och formatet hon använder sig av, som i princip är en ruta per sida!

Agnosis #14

Li Österbergs fjortonde fansin! och det första med riktigt färgomslag vad jag förstått? Sjukt snyggt och simpelt! Första 14 sidorna innehåller en serie där Patrik Rochling står för manus och tusch. Lite mer vardagsrealism. Men det som jag gillar mest är så klart Lis egna serier om grekisk mytologi! Resten av fansinet innehåller fortsättningen på Lis “Pappas Flicka” som handlar om Athena! Jag har läst serierna på nätet innan, men det är så klart ännu trevligare att läsa dem på svenska. Jag tror även att några sidor kan vara lite tillputsade och omtecknade för Agnosis, vilket alltid är trevligt :)

Och det var min presentation av mina favvofansin från SIS15! Hoppas ni tyckt det varit informativt :) Nästa vecka återgår jag till att posta skisser och trams här ;)