About Jenny

Hi, I’m a comic artist and web designer, living in Sweden.

Previously, I have worked at Bortbyting as an animator for Kaisa & Harax, Alice, Jonas & Kappa and Lukas’ dad is not a Rabbit.

I’m also a comic artist and have been published in several anthologies (see below), and I am also working on my self-published comic SPEJS. I love making stories that are escapistic and contains some parts of body positivy and LGBT themes. I’ve talked a bit about my creating process at Närcon Sommar 2018 and would love to talk more at any event or convention in the near future!

I am currently working as a UI designer and web developer at a gaming company. I’ve previously worked a lot with frontend development, but I want to learn new things so I’m leaning towards working more with design and layout right now.

These are the anthologies I’ve been published in this far. I’d recommend getting every one of them as they’re all awesome:

Home Made Comics #17 Home Made Comics #16 Jag vill inte göra slut: Serier för Klimatet Serienördens Kokbok Serieantologi 2014