Who is this Jenny?


Hi, I’m Jenny and I am a cross-talented web developer and illustrator, living and working in Sweden. I have worked as an animator, done illustration commissions, had my comics published and I also work as a front end developer!

Previously, I have worked at Bortbyting as an animator for Kaisa & Harax, Alice, Jonas & Kappa and Lukas’ dad is not a Rabbit.

I’m also a comic artist and have been published in several anthologies (see sidebar for titles). I am also working on my (currently) self-published comic SPEJS.

I am currently working at King as a front end developer, mostly working with html, css, js and interaction design. Every now and then I do short freelance jobs where I style WordPress sites, since WordPress is one of the CMSes and blog tools I know best.

I love doing different things, and mixing coding and illustration/design works very well for me. I like to do both in order to not get bored with one or the other thing ;)

For a more in-depth look at my skills, take a look at my CV.

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