Fan art: Memo

There are some character I’d love to make fan art of, and my friend Mimosa’s character Memo is one of them! Mainly because I really think Memo is a cool-looking lady, and I’d really like to draw some of my friends’ characters more :3 I had lots of fun drawing Memo, especially her outfit. But I’m not 100% sure if I got her face right as I’m still not super awesome at furries XD Oh well, hope you enjoy!

SPEJS på Örebro Seriefestival 2017

This will be another Swedish post, but if you’re in Örebro this weekend (November 11th-12th), please stop by Hjalmar Bergman Teatern as there’s a comic festival with free entance! Come say hi and buy comics from a lot of awesome comic artists!

Hej hej allihopa! Den här helgen (11-12 November), så är det dags för Örebro SeriefestivalHjalmar Bergman Teatern i Örebro! Det är gratis inträde, så kom gärna förbi och säg hej, det är ett gäng utställare, både utgivna och indieskapare :)

Jag har spenderat helgen lite till att förbereda vad jag ska ta med mig, och här är ett urval av vad ni kommer hitta på mitt bord :) Självklart tar jag med mig SPEJS, mitt lattjolajban-rymdäventyr! Trean är utkommen i år och det finaste och tjockaste delen av dem alla, men de andra två delarna är så klart också mycket fina (och självklart kan du köpa alla tre delarna till ett fint paketpris) ;) Jag tar med mig några av mina nyare halsband och örhängen med rymdkristaller, lite passivt aggressiva stickers med enhörningar och katter, och peppiga SPEJS-stickers ;) Och sedan får vi se vad som mer slinker ner i min konventsväska, kanske lite vykort, prints och originalmålningar..? :)

Så har du krokarna förbi Örebro i helgen, ta chansen och kom och träffa mig och andra awesome serieskapare i helgen, det kommer bli riktigt nice :)

Inktober 2017 – 31

So, this year’s inktober didn’t really turn out like I hoped to – I was hoping to make more computer inked stuff, but I had so little time that inking on my way to work was more convenient. Also, I got sick for a week and some other stuff made me skip for quite a lot of days. But hey, I did a few pieces and it helped me come back to drawing after my summer/fall pause, so I’m pretty happy anyways :)

So, since it’s halloween today, I decided to draw the SPEJS crew as spooky monsters ;)

And as a bonus, here’s a colored version of spooky team SPEJS:

Feministisk Höstmarknad denna söndag!

This blog post will be mainly in Swedish, but if you’re in Stockholm on Sunday, please come to Folkkungagatan 44 and buy awesome feminist stuff <3

Nu på Söndag kommer det hållas en Feministisk Höstmarknad på Folkkungagatan 44 i Stockholm! Det kommer säljas allt från konst till keramik till kläder till serier, och jag kommer vara där och sälja lite av varje!

Jag gillar ju att rita och måla, va, så jag kommer ta med lite akvarellbilder till försäljning, priser mellan 100-600 kr! Lite rymd, lite coola brudar, lite katter och lite fula ord, hoppas det smakar :)

Jag kommer även ta med mig lite smycken och nyckelringar gjorda i akryl med bland annat dessa kristallmotiv!

Jag har även gjort lite stickerskartor med peppiga budskap, bland annat dessa skönheter :)

Och jag är ju serietecknare, så självklart kommer jag ta med mig några SPEJS, min röjjiga rymdopera med majoritet kvinnliga karaktärer i huvudrollen! :)

Jag har även ETT exemplar kvar av Swedish Comic Sin, som innehåller ett gäng bra erotiska serier! Någon lycklig person kommer kunna köpa den för en femtiolapp (kostar annars en hunka), kommer det bli du?

Och självklart kommer det finnas en massa annat götta på mitt bord, med priser mellan 5kr-600kr, så något för alla ;) Väl mött på Söndag <3

Inktober 2017 – 24 & 25

I’ve been sick for a week and had to prepare for a thing I’ll table at this weekend (more about that on Friday), so I’ve been missing out on a lot of days! And I’ll probably miss a few more, but yeah, I’ll do what I can :) Here are two Inktober pieces I’ve made during the past days:

Day 24’s Queertober prompt was “boday hair” and since I drew the non-men of SPEJS in undies a few days back, I thought this was an excellent opportunity to also draw Gav in his undies and expose his hairyness :B Done as a “cool down” piece when I visited my studio the other day :) Drawn with a brush pen and some pigment liners.

This one, I just drew without a prompt. Today’s been VERY rainy, and I was heading to the gym at 6.30 am this morning, feeling very tired, so I drew my current mood while commuting :) Drawn with a pigment liner.


Inktober 2017 – 16

I’ve been missing out on a few prompts, as expected. Sometimes you have other priorities and the day only have that many hours. Oh well, it’ll be interesting to see how many prompts I manage to finish during this month :)

Today’s queertober prompt is “self care” and I decided to draw Ragna just chilling and recarging after a mission…by hiding somewhere far from everyone, read a book, drink some whisky and eat some snacks. What they’re readong? That’s a secret XD

Again, drawn while commuting since that seems to be the only time of day when I have the time for these XD Pigment Liner, size 0.3.

Inktober 2017 – 11

I started to draw this yesterday, but didn’t have time to finish until today, so this is also a late inktober! Yesterday’s queertober prompt was “body positive”, meaning a good reason to draw my characters in underwear apparantly ;) I really enjoying each and every one of my characters and their looks and body types <3

I didn’t add Gav to the image because of bad planning, but I think I’ll get more reasons to draw his bare chest during this challenge ;)

Inktober 2017 – 10

I finalized this a little late yesterday so I’m posting it today instead :) Yesterday’s queertober prompt was “fabolous”, and since the pangee men of the SPEJS universe are supposed to be ultra mega fab, I drew one! This guy is probably a little modest and casual, but I think he’s a lot more fab than I could ever be :)

Made with Pigment Liner 0.1 and 0.5. I said I’d do a lot more digital inktober pieces this year, but apparantly it’s more convenient to do these on my way to work in my sketchbook ^^;

Inktober 2017 – 09

I decided to join in on the 24 hour comic day this weekend and thus, no inktobers from me! But today I’m back with a quick scribble!

Today’s queertober prompt was “pride”, and as I was a bit bummed out that I missed the dad prompt this weekend, I decided to make a proud dad instead! One of Gav’s dads are proud that their son’s learning how to Mulle Meck at a very young age while the other dad’s just hoping that his son won’t get eaten alive by that car XD I do have an idea for a comic with Gav’s dads, but I need to find time to script and storyboard it first before any magic can happen :)

Again, this is a quick scribble done with .1 Pigment Liners and some quick scribbles with a brush pen :3

Inktober 2017 – 06

Today’s Queertober prompt is “butch”, and while I have two character I consider more butch (Ragna and Seisa), I decided to chose Seisa since I’ll probably draw Ragna more than one time again during this month :D

Seisa is the antagonist of chapter 3 of SPEJS! If you’ve already read the physical chapter, congratulations (and I hope you liked her), for you who only follow the web comic, congratulations, you’ll be in for a treat ;) She’s angry, a bit violent and loves guns that are bigger than her (I guess it makes her feel more badass). She’s probably more for masculine fashion, and if you’re tough enough, she’d ask you out for a date ;)

Today was another quick doodle on my train ride to work, again with a 0.1 Pigment Liner.

Inktober 2017 – 05

Okay, so today’s prompt was “rainbow”, and I was a little out of ideas (especially since I don’t want to add much color to my inktobers), so I went with something silly. Swagata and Morwen, witnessing a double rainbow ;)

Today’s brush was Frenden’s “Consistent Carl”, a brush that very much is it’s name, you don’t get a lot of variation with it, and thus works a lot like a pigment liner rather than a brush or steel nib. I think I like brushes with more variety, but if it’s important to have a consistent width in lines, this kind of brush will be a better choice :)

Inktober 2017 – 04

Today’s Inktober is a quickie I drew on my way to work. Today’s prompt was “glitter”, so I drew a dancing seri with a lot of bling ;) The seri on their home planet are probably pretty non-binary and it’s more of a rule that they use a neutral pronoun rather than “he” or “she”. Whether a seri does the same on Aeros is more a matter of what upbringing they got. Gav consider himself male and probably defaults to he or she when he talk about someone while Ragna default to they (and secretly prefers that pronoun).

I used a 0.1 Pigment Liner for this quick inktober,and in the end it was a good choice – drawing small faces on a moving train is a challenge itself ;)

Inktober 2017 – 03

Today’s queertober prompt was “date”, so I decided to draw a Gav, ready for a date!

Gav’s pansexual, but probably have been more lucky with guys. Never the less, he’d pick you up on time, give you some flowers (as long as you’re not allergic, then I guess there’d be something else) and then get going to whatever date you two had planned. He’s a pretty gentle soul and prio one would be for his date to have a good time :)

Today’s inktober was done digitally with Frenden’s “Hairpin Sable (triangle tip)”! Lines got pretty thick on a bigger size (83), so if you wanted to add fine details, you really had to turn down the size to at least 30. For thick and bold lines, I guess this would be a pretty good inking brush.

As an added bonus, I’d like to also show the rough doodle I did, because it turned out kinda cute :)

Inktober 2017 – 02

So, it’s day 2 of  inktober/queertober, and today’s word is “diversity”.

I really enjoy drawing and seeing different body types, and my contribution to add more diversity to comics is probably to showcase different body types amongst the characters in my comics :) There are so many ways you can be diverse, but I think different body types is the thing that is the most true to me, together with not just having men as my main cast or just displaying heterosexual couples :3

Today I went analogue and used some fine liners, a brush pen and two ProMarkers :)

Inktober 2017 – 01

Hey, it’s October and many artists are gathering to do Inktober! I’m joining in whenever I can, and I decided to follow these queer promts this year and make them SPEJS themed :) There has been a debate wheter or not digital inking is allowed or not, and I’ll probably do a majority of my Inktober drawings digitally this year to experiment and try out more of my inking brushes from Frenden that I bought years ago, but only used a handful of :)

So, with further ado, let’s kick this of with number 1 – femme:

I decided to just draw the most feminine member of team SPEJS, Morwen! She both likes ladies and to dress really femininely, and is probably the only one in the team that has had the patience to master walking in stilettos ;)

Brush used for this was the Frenden Finker (Brush) – one of those brushes you can set up to size 90 and get a lot of variety with by just using the pen pressure on your Wacom :) For the tinier details I set down the size to about 20 though ;)

SPEJS at Thought Bubble this weekend!

Hey there party people of comics! Thought Bubble will happen in Leeds this weekend, and I’ll be there and bring SPEJS for all you comic readers waiting for a rockin’ space opera :D

I’ll be sitting in the Leeds Millenium Square, sharing table 176 (close to the entrance!!!) with some other awesome Swedish artists, please come by and say hi! :)

Stuff I will bring to the table are of course my printed versions of SPEJS 1-3 :)

I’ll also bring Swedish Comic Sin, an erotic anthology with 9 stories by 9 Swedish artists :3 I have a cute story in it with two students set in the SPEJS universe :)

Depending on how much room I have on the table, I’ll also bring some stickers and my sketchbook that I’m handing out for free! So make sure you come by table 176 at the Leeds Millenium Square during Thought Bubble this weekend :D



A grumpy druid dude (with some WIP shots)

So I got some inspiration to draw this guy! I don’t know much about him yet more than that he’s probably a druid with a grumpy personality :3 He might be my new role playing character for a D&D game, and I look forward to fleshing him out a bit more :)

It was a while since I painted something digitally and I guess it shows. But it was good practise, and I’m starting to not hate it anymore, so yay? I actually saved some WIP shots of this piece, so let’s have a look at that:

These are the initial sketch and a more cleaned-up sketch. I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going for line art or painting at first, but I though “hey, I could do with a challenge”, so painting it was!

I guess I should have used two layers – one for the chair and one for the character, but I was a bit afraid I’d end up painting on the wrong layers anyways, so I went for everything on one layer. I thought it’d be nice to try and figure out the colors I wanted to use at first, so yeah! The chair got really colorful, I guess 8D

Here I’ve added some shadows and highlights, and a background. I should’ve probably chosen some background colors from the beginning, because I had a hard time finding anything that looked good. I kind of left it like this and let it rest for a week, hoping to find more stuff to adjust later on.

And again, the final result. I added a darker shade to the character and the chair here and there, which I believe made the character pop a bit more. Also did some more work on the backgrud, added some grunge maps and added a vague overlay color. I’ll probably leave this piece like this and continue my quest to paint with some other piece. I’d love to get better and hope I get the opportunity to practise a bit more with this technique :3

Confuzzled 2017

At the end of May, me and Memokkeen visited Birmingham and the furry con Confuzzled! I had never been in the UK before, and never visited a furry con! I really didn’t knew what to expect, but Memo told me that it was a friendly community, so I decided to tag along :)

First off was the travel day! As I was traveling from a Schengen country and did a 55 minute transfer in the Netherlands, I was nervous about missing the flight, but everything went really smooth at Schiphol Airport, despite having to go through passport checks and whatnot. As you can see, the weather in Stockholm and Birmingham were pretty similar! Also, it was kinda nice that the people of Birmingham joked around about this being their only day of summer, as we pull the same jokes over here when the weather gets really warm :D

When I finally arrived to Birmingham, I had a really hard time finding the Hilton Hotel though. First off, I didn’t know about the monorail, which would have saved me a lot of time – instead I was lugging around my 20 kg bag around Birmingham airport for maybe 1,5 hours before I finally found my way to the hotel XD Oh well, I guess I should have checked up these stuff better!

I arrived at the hotel at 3PM, and mine and Memo’s room wasn’t ready to check in yet. I had to wait for about 2 hours before I could check in, and in the meantime, I got some WifFi, free booze tickets and a chance to check out the crowd of the con as they arrived :)

At 5 PM, I finally got to check in to room, and shortly after Memo finally arrived! She was supposed to get here earlier than me, but her flight had some problems and yeah, delayed flight! But right after she had checked in, we went to the bar to use the booze tickets and just hang out!

Confuzzled is a pretty long con, it lasts Friday-Tuesday, but the Dealer’s Den part is only open between Friday-Monday until lunch. But that was pretty cool, then I got the opportunity to check out some panels and just hang out if I wanted to! We could set up our table on Friday already though, which was pretty convenient! Also, I really enjoyed to get a second badge and lanyard, it felt like I was dual-classing ;D

Our table in the Dealers’ Den was pretty epic! Memo has this super heavy, but awesome grid system which helps you to make the most out of your table, and she was kind enough to share half the grid with me <3 I brought some pearl-like garlands and book stands at least..? ^^;

If I compare this con to Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival, I sold so-so. But compared to Comic Con Stockholm, which has a LOT longer days and probably about as many/maybe even more visitors, I sold better at Confuzzled, which at first seems a bit shocking, no? But I think the crowd at Confuzzled are older, has more money to spend and also expects a Dealers’ Den! The Artist Alley at Stockholm Comic Con is kind of lame and it feels like people find it by chance 8D But yeah, sales-wise, it’s probably one of my better conventions if we don’t count Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival (‘cuz it’s hard to beat)!

As previously said, I had NO idea on what to expect from this con, so brought way too many comics, haha ^^; I actually got some sold, which is kinda cool since this is by no means a comic convention (and I’m not making a furry comic either). However, I got some of my inktober pieces I made last year sold (yay!) and also got some commissions done!

I’m really happy, because the people who asked me for commissions came with exactly the kind of commissions/characters I wanted to do, which made me super happy! I had lots of fun with these, as you might’ve noticed ;)

I also bought a few things during the con! Mostly stickers and mini prints (because I love that kind of stuff), but also some cute lil’ fluffy keychain and a nice skull necklace (glow in the dark ofc!).

In general, I kinda liked the food I found during my stay (I think I could find vegetarian alternatives every time, even though I decided to eat the sushi to left made out of actual fish), even though British food didn’t like me XD I’m a bit worried how my tummy will handle food this week as I’m going to London, and in September when I go to Leeds XD

But all in all, I had a blast at this con! I had no idea what to expect, but people were really friendly, and I was nothing but impressed by peoples’ fursuits! I didn’t take any photos myself, but here’s a flickr album by user Sean C that displays a lot of the fursuit talent I saw at the con! People at the Dealers’ Den were super talented as well! I’m so used to comic conventions where people usually makes comics and prints, but the range at this con were a lot wider! Yes, a lot of prints and artbooks, but also plushies, fursuit parts, collars/jewelries and even dildos (do I need to say that a con like this is 18+?)!

Also, hanging out with Memo was a blast! I think we understood each other’s needs and gave each other space and such when needed! I’m very happy that I got the chance to hang out with her more at this con, and I’m happy that I actually went with her for this experience :)

All in all, I had a great time at Confuzzled! It’s a con I’d probably like to visit again sometime, but probably together with someone I know since you’re living at a hotel and need to share your room with someone!

I’ll take a break from going to conventions for a few months now and next up is Thought Bubble in Leeds together with NellyAnna and Viktor!


Some impressions from SIS 2017

Hi there, it feels like I’m very late to the reporting party, but I’ve been more or less drained after my two conventions (SIS 2017 and Confuzzled 2017). However, i thought it could be nice with a short little blog post about each con, so I’ll start off with Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival 2017!

First off, me and 8 other awesome comic artists had an exhibition in Gamla Stan, starting on Friday! The vernissage was a success, a lot of people attended, and everyone seemed to have a great time :)

This was my part of the exhibition – my theme was SPEJS, space and fabolousness :) I’m still very much in love with the paintings I made, and even though I didn’t sell anything, I’m happy with the stuff I made :)

Saturday was the first day of the Small press Expo part of the festival, and I joined my friend Magic, whom I shared the table with, and we set up our table.  I think it turned out nice, even though my side is very very cluttered lol :D

I really enjoy sharing a table, because that automatically gives you a table buddy that can help keeping an eye on your side of the table if you need to eat a sandwitch, take a toilet break and whatnot. Also, it’s really nice to have someone to talk to, and Magic was a really nice person to have a conversation with, which made the days go a lot faster than anticipated :D

The Saturday evening was spent eating out with some friends and watching the Tom of Finland movie – a very well spent evening :)

As I’ve been visiting this comic festival for about ten years (but not tabled every year), I’ve started to recognize a lot of other awesome indie comic artists (and usually they recognize me). It’s kind of like one big family reunion and I sometimes wish there were one more day of just hanging out more haha :D I’m also happy that I almost every year seem to learn to know someone new (or say hi to someone I’ve only talked to on twitter etc), so yay for that! :)

As always, I’m buying soo many new awesome comics during the festival! To be honest, I have barely started reading anything yet because wow, the first 6 months have really taken a toll on my energy reserves…but I’m really, really looking forward to reading everything during my vacation <3

I actually did sell pretty well during this convention, about as well as last year (even a little better heh), which was very surprising since it was the week before payday in Sweden and the weather was soooo good – who wants to be inside and buy comics when it’s the first sunny & warm weekend in Stockholm in like forever?! But yeah, people got the newest chapter of my comic SPEJS, and some people actually contacted me back and gave me some really nice comments about it afterwards, I feel so blessed!

For instance, Elisabeth’s loot video for Raidkommissionen, had a small notice about SPEJS #3, check it out!

Also, Karrey gave SPEJS some really nice words on twitter:

And that’s it from SIS17! I really enjoyed this year’s festival, even though it always feels a bit short! Next up will be a post on how Confuzzled 2017 went, stay tuned!

Dod you go to SIS this year, what was your impressions?